Blogging Lessons I learned So Far

Blogging Lessons

Blogging is a very vast field where some bloggers get success, and some won’t. It depends on the perspective of a blogger. I have been blogging for the last three years (started my first blog in 2012), but still, I am finding it difficult. Why so?

I have sorted out some biggest mistakes in my blogging career do read it.

I have collected some of my worst experiences with blogging, which I am sharing here so that everyone will be aware of.

Before starting, let me ask you one question. Who can be a professional blogger?

Take your time and Answer appropriately to yourself (don’t read further without answering). The answer to this question is related to this post; that’s why I asked it because everyone thinks that anybody can be a blogger. This is not a more specific answer, and also there are lots of terms and conditions to it.

I assume that you have answered yourself. Now, you can proceed with reading.

Time planning/scheduling

Since childhood everyone heard one thought ‘Time is money, ’ but we couldn’t understand what does this means.

Here, you all come to know about the meaning of this thought.

In blogging, time is a very critical part of the journey. With proper time management, you can do anything.

As per my 3-year blogging experience, you must be entirely/partially free person for blogging; otherwise, you will end up with an issue. Most probably if you are a busy person, then it will take more time to get success if you hardly get time for blogging.

If you have a primary job and you are doing blogging just for money, then it won’t work. Grabbing some time from your busy schedule is tough. I am telling you here because I have faced so many difficulties in my blogging journey because of time management.

If you are a free person and want to become a blogger, then it’s good you can, but if you are already involved in some other work, then it might not work.

Still, if you have compelling time management or planning, then you can make it, but it will take time. Nobody can stop you if you decide what you want to be.

Take away/conclusion- Manage your time, prepare a time planning sheet and work as per it. Defiantly you will see some results. I would suggest you use some time planning applications available on the play store, utilize it and work as per it.

Pro-Tips- Before sleeping, I would suggest you plan for tomorrow, what things need to be done tomorrow. Set the reminder for all tasks, including the remaining task in today’s schedule. I think this would work well.

Social media interaction

I think everybody knows about social media and how powerful it is. The small news will get viral within a second. We can take advantage of social media for growing our blogs.

This is an essential thing that you need to do if you want to survive in the blogging industry. Social media is just like the heart of blogging. I am damn sure you will not succeed if you don’t know about social media and how to use it.

I am on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google plus (as per my experience these are sufficient for social marketing) but I am not much active on it. People are looking for updated content daily. Interaction is a must if you are a blogger. People love the blogger who is interacting, solving their problems, and guiding them.

If someone is commenting on your blog for some reason, then you must give a proper reply to all of them. This will also increase the audience of your blog.

Take away/conclusion- You should be active on social media; interaction with readers must and guide them whenever need. If you don’t like social interaction and all then blogging is difficult for you; instead, I can say to drive traffic is severe.

Pro-tip- Create a social profile of your blog and share content accordingly. I have prepared one schedule like I will post one time daily on the Facebook page, Group, Twitter.

There are some tools available on the internet to schedule your social media post; you can use one of them to save time.

Last time I wrote one post about the social media automation tool HootSuite and Buffer do read it.

Be updated

Who likes the old content? Anyone, please tell?

One funny question- Do you buy the iPhone 4 now? (suppose this phone is available on the market).

I think 99% of people will say NO (No means No) because, why should they? Already there are lots of new phones that have come in the market with more features than why people choose the iPhone 4.

I think nobody will entertain the old content, products, services and all related and why should they?

The same is applicable in blogging, if you are writing the old topics that already everybody knows, then why should people read them. Also, it is challenging to beat the top blog that has already written the same content for years.

Your blog must have the latest and updated content regularly. You must update it to the newest information. One more thing writes regularly. In my case, I am not writing regularly because of which I lost much organic traffic. Google loves the people who are updated in all manners.

Write content that is not readily available somewhere on the internet. Don’t write the same thing again and again (material which is already present). If you are not getting the right topic for writing, then at least share your personal experience with people (just like I am doing now)

Take away- You should read news all around the world at least about your blog niche so that you will understand what’s going on and also, you will get some ideas from it to write it on your blog.

Interest in blogging

Another thing which I observed surrounding that people attract toward blogging because of the greed of the money. They don’t have an interest in blogging but just for the money they do. This will not be going to work because for blogging as per my experience you must be passionate about it. You must be interested in blogging.

There are a few reasons why people attract to blogging.

Most of the blogger has a good habit of sharing their income with readers, and it’s just for inspiration. People read it, and at the same time they think that I can make money like this (even though they don’t have enough knowledge about blogging). Instead of thinking about this, you should take the hard work behind such income. If you work the same way that this man did, then probably it works for you too, and you will also share the income report.

Takeaway/conclusion- You must be passionate about blogging, writing, social media, and other related stuff if you do not then don’t look at blogging but if you are doing this just for passion, not for money, then you can do it. I mean some people do it for money, and they waste time being a blogger. If you are not doing it for money, then there is no fear to lose.


Everything is not free, and you have to do hard work to achieve what you want, it may take longer.

Blogging will take one week, month, year, and more too. This is not an immediate process where you will get success within a single day. As per my experience, it will take one year to set your blog and attract traffic correctly. There are few exceptions to this, but mostly it will take time to stable your blog.

I have read more comments on social media posts and also whenever I am trying to define blogging to my friends all ask about money and how much you earn till now. Every time I explained it’s not all about the money, if you want to be a blogger, you must have patience; otherwise you will defiantly give up intermediate.

Take away

Blogging is all about patience and interest, to succeed in blogging; you must have both qualities. If you have confidence in yourself, then keep working hard and have patience. If you don’t have the patience, then you will defiantly give up in the middle of something.

I have shared the top five of my experiences with all of you. If you have yours, then you too share it with us. Comment below.

Also, if you like this post then, please do share it with your friends and inspire them.

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  1. Hey Amit,

    I am so glad to read this article.

    I feel to become a true professional blogger, self-discipline is most important.

    In Blogging, Social media is important. However, a kind of addiction is very harmful. Same way, whatever thing is distracting we should avoid and follow priority thing.

    This post truly made me realize about so many things that where I am lacking.

    I am inspired after reading it, and looking forward to grow by following it honestly.

    Thank you so much.
    Kind regards,


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