5 easiest ways to make money online through blogging

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Do you know there are two types of bloggers present in this world? First, who do blogging for money and second who do blogging for passion(you will rarely see this kind of bloggers)? So, as per the above line Blogging has mainly two purposes

  1. Blogging for passion
  2. Blogging for money (professional blogger)

Almost 98% of bloggers have the same intention behind their blogging- Money. We called such blogger as Professional because they are earning money for their living through the blog. Some bloggers got immediate success in blogging others didn’t understand. Some have internal talent others have to learn to blog. You will see some variety in this industry.

To make money online through blogging is quite tricky, but surely possible for all types of bloggers. Now the question is what kind of skills required to make money from blogging? It requires excellent writing skills, SEO knowledge, and most importantly, hard work.

There are various ways available to make money online, like Affiliate Marketing, Google Adsense, Selling Ads Space, Selling e-Book, and more.

Affiliate Marketing

In my earlier post, I have shared my knowledge about Affiliate marketing in the previous post. How to make money through affiliate marketing? I would recommend you to read this article before moving forward.

Affiliate Marketing is the process of promoting the products of others on your blog and getting the commission from the advertisers when the purchase is made through your affiliate link. When the readers clicked on the affiliate link of the products and made a purchase, then you will be rewarded by the advertisers.

Now another question might be raised in your mind that how much money we can earn through Affiliate Marketing? The sky is the limit for making through Affiliate marketing. A typical process for joining any Affiliate programs

  • Sign up for any Affiliate programs
  • Fill up tax form(if required)
  • Your application gets reviewed by respective affiliate team
  • You will get mail for approval/rejection of the application
  • Once approved, promote the products.

Once your affiliate application gets approved, you will get unique affiliate links which help the affiliate team to track your earning. When you promote any product, the affiliate ID is embedded into the link, which makes easy to track clicks and purchases.

Affiliate marketing is the fastest and easiest way to make money online.   How much will I earn when I promote products and get a referral? Your affiliate commission depends on the similar affiliate programs like WPEngine affiliate program has a commission of $200 for each sale, Hostgator affiliate program has $67 for each sale, the Bluehost affiliate program has $50 etc. The commission will vary as the program’s changes. Read this also

Google AdSense

Adsense is Pay Per Click(PPC) monetization techniques which pay you for every click on the ads. I have written a complete beginner guide for Google Adsense. Do you read this guide?   Google will provide you ads which you have to place it on your blog. When someone clicks on ads, you will get paid accordingly. This approach is called pay per click (PPC). To redeem your amount in Google Adsense, you must have a minimum $100 in your account.  

Creating and Selling Products

If you are the expert in something like website designing, writing novels, e-Book and so on, then you can sell such stuff on your blog. You can show your talent on Fiverr also. You will get some small jobs on it like

Buy and Sell Domain name

This is one of the smart ways to earn money on GoDaddy or any other domain selling company. Suppose you have bought one domain name on Godaddy for $5 and you are not interested in it. Godaddy allows you to sell any domain name on it. You can put it for selling. Also, if you want maximum visibility for your domain name listing, you can sign up for a premium listing

Sell Ads Space

This is a newly emerging way to make money online where advertisers can buy ads space on your blog and put ads on it. You can do this by joining buysellads where you have to specify the space on your websites and the price for it. The publishers will see the traffic on your site and buy your ads space.

Apart from the above programs, you can join Viglink, Cuelink, Infolinks, and more to make money online. I recommend you if you have time and excellent writing skills then go for blogging it will defiantly make you a richer person. If you like this article, then do share it with your buddies, and if you want to add some more points then let us know, make a comment on this post. I will keep updating this post.

Other Ideas

  • Direct Ads- You can allow others to place their ads on your blog. For this, you can write the requirements and pricing on a separate page. You must have more traffic to get more ads from the marketers.
  • Create and Sell tutorials- If you have strong knowledge of something, then you can create a video or PDF tutorial for readers and sell them on your blog.
  • Review Products or Service- You can also write a review of product or services on your blog and charge money depending on the traffic of your blog.
  • Paid post- You can charge money for the sponsored post.

If you like this article, then do share it with your buddies, and if you want to add some more points then let us know, make a comment on this post.

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