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Here is the short story behind ScrollBucks blog

One day I was searching for some blogging related stuff on the internet. I found one magnificent blog, and the content was excellent. I bookmarked that blog for future reading. From that day, when I need anything about blogging first, I used to open that blog and read it.

On that blog, I read some articles about how to make money online? I have read all the posts, and my interest in blogging goes on increasing day by day. I decided to start my blog, and it happened. On 8 August 2014, I started my blog.

When I started this blog, I didn’t have an idea about WordPress, so I began ScrollBucks on Google blogger. As a beginner, Blogger is the best platform to learn to blog, later you can move it to WordPress.

A domain name is essential if you want to professional blog. I decided to buy a domain name. The next day I purchased my first domain name from GoDaddy mytechnologyservice[dot]com. Immediately I mapped this domain name to my BlogSpot blog.

As the day passes, my blogging knowledge was increasing rapidly. I realized that my domain name length is long also it has no meaning, so I decided to terminate that domain name and bought a new domain ‘ScrollBucks’ from GoDaddy fortunately which was available at that time.

Now you will think that what does ScrollBucks mean?

The story is quite long but exciting. (Please take a cup of coffee)

I don’t have any idea about the ScrollBucks meaning, and I just bought it because I saw the Scroll word on the keyboard.

I was running ScrollBucks on Blogger for a one year. In this period, I read all the blogging related stuff along with WordPress and acquired more knowledge about it. I wanted to move my blog to WordPress, but because of the financial problem, I couldn’t.

Later, I got a job in a multinational company as a Software developer (9 March 2015), and slowly, my bank balance goes on increasing.

Now, I decided to go for self-hosted WordPress and bought Dreamhost web hosting and Genesis framework as I heard lots of positive reviews about the Genesis framework on the internet. I moved my blog to WordPress on 27 September 2015 with the Genesis framework on Dreamhost hosting.

After using the Dreamhost for a year, I used the Bluehost for two years. Now, I permanently migrated my blog to Vultr VPS.

I have started the ScrollBucks blog on 8 August 2014. I completed my graduation in 2012. After graduating, I was searching for a job for almost three years.

You might be thinking that what I did in these three years?

Besides job searching, I was doing a freelancing job, just tried to make money online. That time I found one website which gives the money for publishing post. I got my first online income from that site.

People don’t fear about failure, they fear about the unemployment, poverty. Failure is a part of success

These three years of unemployment pulled me to the blogging industry. Also, to avoid unemployment, I don’t have an option, so I decided to start the blog.

I remember that I didn’t have money to buy the domain name, so I started my first blog on Blogspot. Day by day, my interest in blogging was increasing.

I bought the ScrollBucks domain name from GoDaddy later I move it to Google Domain, and the journey begins. I have written another story about my blogging journey. Please do read it.

I hope you are here because you want to start a blog. If so, Best Luck for your blogging journey. Do like us on social media to get updates from us.


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