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Welcome to the AdSense Tutorials- Complete AdSense guide for beginners.

In this tutorial, you will learn about Complete Google Adsense Tutorials from beginners to experts.

When I started my blogging journey in 2014, the first monetization technique which I implemented on my blog was Google AdSense. As you know that every newbie bloggers go for Google AdSense. Even though it’s tough to get it approved for new blogs.

For beginners, AdSense is the best option to make money from the blog and start a blogging career.

Every single blogger implemented AdSense on their blog. Even for some famous bloggers, AdSense is the primary income source for blogging.

On ScrollBucks, I frequently write about Google AdSense tutorials. Here, I decided to integrate all the posts, and tutorials about Google AdSense so that beginners will get all the tutorials in one place.

Why Google AdSense?

If you are a beginner in Blogging, then I would recommend you to read How AdSense works.

Getting Started

Before starting with AdSense you must know the rules and policies of AdSense, please do read them here

It is a must to read the policy of any product/service before using it. If you read all the policies carefully, you will not face any issues in the future. Many bloggers have faced the AdSense ban, AdSense not showing Ads, Ads blocking issues on their blogs. This is because they violate AdSense policies. Google is smart enough to recognize the policy violation.

Once you read the policies, you are ready to create an AdSense account.

Create an AdSense account

Once you create the AdSense account, it will take a week for the approval process (sometimes two days), no one can tell how much time is required for the AdSense approval process. It depends on the Google AdSense team to review your application.

The AdSense team will review your application corresponding to their policies. Once approved/rejected, you will get an email from the AdSense team.

If you have a YouTube account, then you won’t require any approval for AdSense. Google is allowing anyone to show AdSense ads in their videos. There are two rules to showing the Ads for Videos

  • Your YouTube channel must have 4000 hours of views.
  • You must have at least 10,000 subscribers for your channel.

Once, your YouTube channel fulfills the above two requirements, then you are eligible for AdSense.

AdSense approval process

Terms used in Google AdSense

AdSense policies

AdSense Tips and Tricks

AdSense Payments

Google AdSense earning

Every beginner has this question in mind before starting with AdSense.

How much can anyone earn through the AdSense? as per my understanding  AdSense earning depends on the various factors like

  1. Blog traffic
  2. Traffic location
  3. Content types
  4. Ads types
  5. Advertisers

So, we can not say the exact amount we get from AdSense, and it depends on your blog and content. If you have more traffic, then you can expect more earnings from your blog.

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