PayPal: The Best Way To Send And Receive Money Online

PayPal is an online payment service used to transfer money worldwide. You can send money to anyone living in any country using a single click. You just need to know the PayPal email address.

Being a blogger you must have a PayPal account because some of the Affiliate Marketing accounts to transfer money using PayPal only.

I remembered when I got my first income of $50 via PayPal. That was through Dreamhost affiliate which has a PayPal payment method. I am thankful for PayPal for providing the online payment solution.

In this article, I will review the PayPal as per my experience and will thoroughly give the walkthrough of Paypal.

Sign Up

Anyone can create a PayPal account, it’s completely free. PayPal has charges when you transfer money or receive money from anyone.

PayPal offers two different kind of accounts.

  • Personal
  • Business

If you need account for personal use then go for Personal account and if you are a business then go for a Business account.

Once you click the above button, you will have to choose the account type. For this tutorial, I will choose a personal account.

Once you choose the personal account, you will have to fill the personal information.

NOTE- The Signup form may vary from country to country, this is for Indian users.

NOTE- Your email address will be your PayPal Address.


PayPal is completely free for shopping, when you purchase something using PayPal you will have to pay only GST.

You will have to pay when you receive the money and the fees are different for local and international transactions.

For local payment you will have to pay 2.5% of the transaction amount and 3 INR fixed fee.

For international transactions, you will have to pay minimum of 3.4% of the transaction and the fees vary depending on the monthly transactions.


  • Security-If you are doing any transaction with PayPal then it will not get revealed by PayPal to any other third party.
  • Natural Payment-To transfers the money you need a registered email ID.No other information is required for sending money.
  • Transfer to bank account-You can transfer PayPal money to your bank account instantly. If your bank account is linked to the PayPal account, then it’s easy to send money to your bank account.
  • Little processing fee-PayPal will charge a flat processing fee than other online services.PayPal charges 2.9% and 0.30$ for each transaction.
  • You can buy any products from any country differing their currency.
  • If you feel that the seller violated the agreement, then you can claim it within 30 days of purchase.
  • Sign up– To create an account you need to sign up for the PayPal site. Once sign up you need to link your bank account so that you can quickly transfer money from your PayPal account to your bank account within three days.
  • Mobile application-PayPal has an iPhone application that will make you immediately send and receive money from where you want.


  1. Some users think that the processing fee of PayPal is more, which I mentioned above 2.9% and 0.30$ per transaction.
  2. PayPal may limit the money you can send, receive, etc.
  3. PayPal can immediately close your account after identifying suspicious activity.
  4. After freezing your account, Paypal will decide to release your money or not.

Final Words

I am very happy with the PayPal service. I am using PayPal since 2014 for my blog transactions. Since I don’t have more transactions, I don’t have to pay more fees but if you are doing more transaction then there are other options which offer fewer fees than PayPal. I will write a separate article on other payment options.

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