Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online with your blog. Earlier I have discussed the importance of Affiliate marketing over other monetization techniques. In this tutorial, I am going to explain about Amazon affiliate program. At the end of this tutorial, you will learn

  1. What is Amazon?
  2. How to join the Amazon Affiliate?
  3. How to Promote Amazon products on your blog?
  4. How to use Affiliate links?
  5. Where should you promote Amazon products?
  6. Some features of Amazon Affiliate

What is Amazon?

Amazon is a popular online shopping website where you can buy any products at a reasonable price. Nowadays’s everyone prefers online shopping instead of going to the shop and buys products at a high price. Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal are the largest online marketplace in India. So this is the right time to promote the product and earn money.

How to join the Amazon Affiliate?

There are two Amazon Affiliate programs available for Indian users of, and for others The signup procedure is very easy for both Amazon Associates Affiliate.

Once you click on the above links, you will get the login page. Here I am discussing the Affiliate program. If you want to target the US audience, then I recommend you join the affiliate program.

The commission from this affiliate is also high. We will discuss the commission rate of Amazon affiliates later in this guide. So let’s start the signup procedure of Amazon affiliates.

amazon affiliate

If you have an Amazon account, then you can use it otherwise choose a new customer option to sign up to Amazon affiliate. Fill in all the information and click on the create account. Now you are a few steps to make money with Amazon affiliates.

amazon associate sign up

Now, you need to fill in the below information to complete signup the up process.

  • Your Address(Payee address)
  • Your blog information on which you will promote Amazon products.
  • Create a unique Amazon associate ID(Affiliate ID which will embed in your affiliate links)
  • Accept the terms and conditions and enjoy unlimited earning with Amazon associate program.
amazon affiliate sign up

Once you complete all the formalities, then you will get mail from Amazon about the completion of the signup process, and you can now access your Amazon associate account.

In the mail, if you observe they have explicitly mentioned  that “if your affiliate links have not referred a sale after 180 days, your application and access to associates will be withdrawn.

Promote Amazon Products

This is a tough task in the Affiliate marketing process. Most of the blogger doesn’t understand the importance of the blog niche and the product which they are promoting. Here I will give you the example

Suppose you are writing about the iPhone, iPhone features, or any other content about iPhone. In this case, I would highly recommend you to promote iPhone in this post. You can add as many affiliate links on iPhone. If the users search for the iPhone, they are interested in buying the iPhone. This is the basic logic behind Affiliate marketing.

Promote only that product for which you are writing on your blog. Also, I would recommend you write a review of the product and link it to your Affiliate ID.

Before promoting any product, make sure that the product is available on the market(In this case, Amazon marketplace).

Cloak Amazon affiliate links

Default affiliate links and too complicated to read. Sometimes users get scared to open that links. I would recommend you to use any Affiliate links Cloaker plugin which will make your links small and readable. It will redirect to the same URL to which your original links redirect.

Here at Scrollbucks, I am using Easy Affiliate Links Plugin to make my Affiliate links shorts and Readable by all users. One advantage of using this plugin is all your affiliate links are stored in one single place, and you can easily access them anywhere.

Also, if you want to promote products on social networking sites, readers quickly identify affiliate links. Instead, you can use the cloak affiliate links to make it readable.

Commission Rates

The commission rate for Amazon affiliates is new, starting from 4% to 12% depending upon the type of the product. This charge also varies depending upon how many products get shipped in a month. Here is a snapshot of the commission rate.

amazon affiliate commission rate

You will see the above table describing the commission rate. If the item shipped in a month is between 7-30, then you will get a 6% commission rate instead of 4%.

Where to promote Amazon products?

  1. Write a review article about the product and add affiliate links.
  2. Share the articles or the right products on social media.
  3. You can use an advert to promote products.
  4. Send the Affiliate links using an email marketing strategy.


  • No approval process, instant account activation.
  • Three payment modes EFT, Check, Gift.
  • The largest online marketplace, people trust Amazon.
  • Maximum discount on products on special occasions.
  • Generate any report from the dashboard.

Final Words

I am using Amazon Associates since 2014, and I have an excellent experience using it. One feature that I loved about Amazon’s affiliate is the no-approval process. Amazon Affiliate makes some bloggers millionaires (ProBlogger) Now you are the next person on this list.

I recommend you to join this program as it’s free, and you don’t need to take extra effort. If you have already used an Amazon affiliate, then let our readers know about your experience.


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