Awesome Screenshot: Best Chrome Extension To Record Desktop

If you are a blogger then you must have captured screenshots for the blog. Sometimes you need to record the desktop for video tutorials.

Let me ask you, which tool are you using for recording the desktop or taking screenshots?

Earlier, I was using the print screen button to take a screenshot. Later I paste it in the paint app and update it according to need, but by this method, you will not get high-quality images.

If you are writing tutorials on your blog, then you are required to add high-quality screenshots, sometimes videos tutorials. Visual tutorials are more effective than text content. Readers also expect the tutorials with images to make them more understandable.

Pictures speak more than a text

Recently I found the very useful Chrome Extension Awesome Screenshot for recording the desktop and taking the screenshots.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the Awesome Screenshot Chrome extension to record the desktop or take screenshots. So let’s start with the installation procedure for the beginner.


Assuming that you know the installation procedure of any Chrome extension. Still, for the newbie, Here is the guide.

Step 1- First, open the Chrome store.

Step 2- Search for the Awesome screenshot (or any plugin which you want to install). You will get some results, choose the required one.

Below is the screenshot of the Awesome Screenshot extension.

awesome screenshot chrome extension

Step 3- Add the extension by clicking the add to chrome.

Once you complete it, you will see the black icon at the top right side of Chrome. This icon will help you to record the screen or take a screenshot of the web page.

Capture Screenshots

If you wish to take a screenshot of the web page, then click on the black icon. You will see a few options to take a screenshot.

awesome screenshot chrome extension

You will see a few options to record the screen and taking screenshots.

Capture visible part of the page- You can take a screenshot of the visible part of the desktop. You can start capturing the visible part of the web age after a specified time interval, for this you have to click on the Capture After Countdown.

Capture selected area- You can choose the area for taking the screenshots.

Capture the entire page- You can also capture the whole webpage using this option.

Select a local image- You can choose your local image and edit it with Awesome Screenshot editor.

Record Desktop Screen

Above all options are for taking the screenshots, if you wish to record your screen with Awesome Screenshot, you can go for the last option capture desktop.

awesome screenshot chrome extension

If you wish to record your desktop screen click on the Capture Desktop. You will see the two options to record the screens.

  • You can record the whole screen
  • You can record specific application window
awesome screenshot record desktop

You can choose any option you want and start recording the screen. Once you record your screen save it and upload it wherever you want.

NOTE- All the screenshots on this blog have been taken using the Awesome Screenshot Chrome plugin.


  • You can save the final image to your local or online.
  • Annotate, Comments, Blur the screenshots, and more options.
  • Online images can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Create an account to reuse the images anywhere.
  • You can save your final image on Google drive also.
  • It’s free and easy to use the extension.
  • Available in Chrome and Mozilla.

I hope this article will help you to know more about the Awesome screenshot extension.

Now, you can take the high-definition screenshots and record the screen with one Chrome extension Awesome Screenshot.

If you like the above article then share it with your friends and let them know about Awesome Screenshots.

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