Hellobar WordPress plugin configuration

Have you seen the notification bar at the top of the website? Why bloggers put this notification bar? This is the fastest way to drive more traffic to a particular link or to sell affiliate products or increase our email list, etc.

This eye-catching notification is visible when sites wholly loaded. Every reader will catch this notification because it comes after the site’s loading.

There are few WordPress plugins available for showing notifications but hellobar WordPress plugin is the most popular plugin that every professional blogger use. Hellobar WordPress plugin adds notification bar wherever you want on your site.

Below I have created the Bluehost Affiliate link to get more referral or sale. In this way, you can add any types of links as discussed above. When the people visit your blog, they will immediately see the notification which you have embedded on your blog, and they will click the link.

hellobar WordPress plugin

Hellobar Configuration

The installation method for hellobar is quite easy that anyone will understand. First of all, you need to install the plugins from the WordPress plugin directory.

Once you install the Hellobar plugin you will get message to start over

If you click to start over then you will see some instructions for getting the site snippet for Hellobar plugin.

After that, go to the hellobar site and sign in. If you dont have an account then create one. Once you sign up, you will see three options for the installation method

  • I can install code myself
  • I use WordPress
  • Email my web developer

You will see the code snippet in I use WordPress section copy that code snippet and Open the WordPress Dashboard.

Paste the code snippet in Hellobar plugin and click activate Hellobar

Create a notification in Hellobar

Once your installation completes its time to create goals to show on your blog. You can do it on the hellobar dashboard and track the performance of it from there itself. You can create any goals.

Select the goals and customize it according to your need. Here I am giving you the short demo of ‘Grow your mailing list’ purpose

  1. First, Select the goal
  2. Add button text and message that will appear in the notification bar.
  3. Customise the notification bar.
  4. Save and Publish.

Once you save the goal, it will automatically show on your blog. We have already added the script code to identify your blog — no need to do extra work. You can track the performance of each goal from the dashboard.

hellobar goals

You will see a few styles available for your goals like the bar, slider, needs a model, page takeover. You can customise it with colours.bar styles,font,messages etc.

Hellobar Pricing

The hellobar comes with three plans- Free, Growth and Elite.

  • The Free version of Hellobar has more limitations. The Hellobar pop up will only visible for 5000 per month.
  • The Growth plan is not affordable for small business since its price is $29 per month. You can have 50,000 views per month.
  • The Elite plan is for $99 per month which is for business purpose or the blog having millions of traffic. You can have 5,00,000 views per month.
  • Pricing is the reason why people are leaving hellobar and finding another option for it.

I tried Hellobar free version it was a great experience since the price is high, I hadn’t upgraded it to pro otherwise the overall experience was excellent. When I installed this plugin within ten days, I have collected 200 email addresses.

If you look at the above pricing, you will realize why I said this plugin is not affordable for small-scale business. You can have multiple options for hellobar WordPress plugin like firebar, WordPress notification bar, etc.

If you are using the Pro version of Hellobar, then share your experience with our team.

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