Being Minimalistic: Be More With Less In Blogging

Are you professional blogger? Are you using many services for blogging?

If you are a blogger then you must have created many internet accounts like social media, emails, marketing, affiliate, etc. You might be having more than one email accounts or many.

Do you really need all these account? Will you be able to manage all accounts?

If your answer is YES, then you don’t need to read the below article.

NOTE- This article for a newbie blogger who is passionate about blogging and wanted to be Minimalistic while blogging, also who wants to save money on unnecessary services. If you have a full-time job and managing a blog then this article would help you.

This article is based on Be More With Less theme, being a Minimalistic.

Why Minimalistic?

Minimalistic means being minimal. Keeping minimum things without impacting your work and productivity.

It is very difficult for one person to manage all the things of blogging. If you are a blogger then you know that for a single article we have to do lots of things like

  • Search the topic
  • Gather information
  • Keyword research
  • Write an article
  • Preparing images
  • Publish article
  • Social media marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • All other related

All these things are not possible for a single person, also if you have many blogs then definitely things will get messed. So we have to keep our things minimal so that we can manage them easily.

If you are a single person and have a full-time job then 100% that would not be possible for you. You can either focus on your job or blog or keep things minimal.

I have a full-time job as a Software Developer. I hardly get time to look after my blogs. I have many internet accounts and it is not possible for me to check everything in a single day or week.

I am irritating to manage all these accounts, also the fun fact is that I am not using 70% of accounts, then you might be wondering what I am doing with these accounts?

You will get an answer in this article and this is the reason why I am writing this article.

Email accounts

I have seen many bloggers having more than five email accounts, but they don’t really use it.

having one email account or five, what does make it different? You could create filters and sort the emails which you want.

I had seven email account which I didn’t use, almost all were created for reserving the email username.

  • Xbox
  • iCloud
  • Three Gmail accounts for blogs
  • Professional email for blog
  • Personal

I hardly use two of them personal and professional email of the blog, so I decided to delete all other email account and kept only two. Now, I can easily manage all my emails from two accounts.

NOTE- The other deleted email account were not shared with anybody nor registered with any online internet accounts, so I was confident that I would not get any important email on deleted email address.

You might be wondering why I have created all these accounts if I am using only one account. You will get the answer in the next topic.

Domain Names

This is the reason why I have created many email account. I like to purchase domain names. When I purchase the domain, I usually create an email address for it and create social media pages for that name. I am not serious about it but just reserving the usernames for future use.

I have seen many bloggers who purchase a domain name just because of a unique name. They wanted to start a blog on that but didn’t happen.

After a year, the domain name expires and they feel bad about it. Also, they don’t want to renew it.

The question is why the domain name purchased at first place?

You are just wasting your money, if you really want to start a blog then we can buy a domain name, or if the domain name is expiring and we are sure that we would not start a blog then we can list that domain name and sale it.

But, keeping many domain names and not doing anything with them, is just wasting of money. You could sell it, start a blog or do anything with that domain name but don’t let the purchased domain name expire.

I had purchased more than five domain names and created internet accounts with all the names. You will not believe it but I had around 20+ internet accounts present for all three domain names.

I took a very serious decision to delete my domain name which I am not using and don’t want to start a blog. I am just keeping the premium domain names. Also, deleting all the associated accounts with it.

Thank god, being a blogger I was using Lastpass, I can easily track all the internet accounts. One by one I started deleting it and finally I am a minimalistic blogger.

NOTE- The situation for you could be different, if you are using all the accounts then you can keep it or you can forward it, or use any email client and configure all the accounts with it.

Social Media Accounts

When you purchase the domain names, you must have opened the social media accounts for the new domain name. If your domain name expired why you are keeping the pages.

I have deleted all the social media accounts and pages created in the past for domain names just for reserving the username. It is very easy to manage a minimal social media profile.

This section of the article will help you to save money by opting for free services. If you are financially good then you can skip this section.

Being a blogger you must have opted for paid services which are good but if you don’t require any paid service then you could end it.

I have many paid services includes Theme, Email, Bitwarden, Amazon Prime, etc but out of these Bitwarden is not required we can use the free version of it. It would not make any big difference.

I have purchased the GoDaddy email service for my blog, but if you don’t want to invest money then you can go for Zoho free email service. This will work like charm and once you are earning enough money then you can buy any services which you want.

The one-time investment is good like a blog theme or any other one-time purchase like Thrive architect etc but if you have to pay yearly basis or monthly basis then you could think about it.

Applications & Tools

My bad habit is using many tools for a single purpose. I have seen many bloggers who are using many tools for the same purpose, sometimes it’s good but for some services, one is enough.

If we are using one application for one purpose, then why we are looking for another application for doing the same things.

Let me explain with example.

In my case, I am using Spark email client for all my email accounts so that I can access my emails from one place.

will it make sense if I search for another email client?


but still I am searching for other options for an email clients.

If you want to reduce the applications which you are using then the first search for what you really need, note it down.

Find the best application in each category and try to use it. If you are not satisfied with it then only go for searching another application and if you like it then uninstall first and use second.

Affiliate Programs

If your blog has decent traffic then only join an affiliate program. I have seen many bloggers who just started a blog, joins many affiliate program it doesn’t make any sense.

Having many affiliate programs will not make you rich or your earning will not increase.

When you start a blog then first try to set up it well, once your blog setup is done write articles on it related to your niche. Once you are getting decent traffic then you can opt for monetization techniques, join an affiliate program. You can join only related affiliate programs.

Final Words

Having many things will not make you productive but keeping minimal things will definitely help you to manage all your blogging activities precisely.

If you have a full-time job and also you want to do blogging just because of your passion, then I would recommend you don’t mess your blogging with many things. You can start a blog and just keep writing quality content.

If you get some value from this article then you can share it with your friends.

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