Best Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser that comes with a full package of extensions. To do users’ job easy, Google has explored the market for plugins and application. Currently, there are millions of apps and plugins available in the Chrome Store.

Here I have sorted out some of the best Google Chrome extensions for bloggers that will save your time to do your daily work. This extension will help you to work fast, smarter, cleanly, securely.

Grammarly for Chrome

Grammarly will help you to write any content without any mistakes, and it will automatically check your grammatical mistakes. Grammarly gives you a suggestion to improve your writing.

After using Grammarly, you can confidently write anywhere on the web without any error. The premium version of this extension will find out more fault, improve your writing style, see more than 150 errors, etc.

grammarly chrome extension

LastPass: Free Password Manager

LastPass is the free password manager which will help you to store all your password, notes, addresses, and more into the secure vault. It will help you to autofill the password of sites, we don’t need to type the password manually.

LastPass account can be accessed from any device, so we don’t need to worry about losing passwords anymore.

Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote is an award-winning application for storing notes, saving your ideas, presentation, etc. With the help of Evernote, you can add a to-do list, reminder, attach images in notes, etc. The Premium version will allow you to set a password for notes.

Using the Evernote Chrome extension, we can clip the new web pages save them to your notes.

evernote chrome extension

TweetDeck by Twitter

It’s tough to manage multiple Twitter account with the official Twitter site as every time we need to log out one account and log in to the second one. The TweetDeck chrome extension will quickly help you to manage multiple Twitter accounts from a single screen. You can tweet various accounts in a single click.

tweetdeck chrome extension

Awesome Screenshot: Screen Video Recorder

The awesome screenshot will help you to take a screenshot, add annotations, comments, blur sensitive info, and share with one-click uploads of any web page. It also allows you to edit the screenshot and provides different editing options. You can also record your screen.

Keywords Everywhere – Keyword Tool

This chrome extension will helpful for you to find out the right keyword for the blog. This extension will show you the search volume and the cost per click data for the search query. Currently, it supports the Google search, Analytics, search console, Google trends website.

Hope, you like this post, if you know other useful chrome extensions then let our readers know. Do share the post.


  1. John Spencer

    Check out Feedbro Reader – it’s a great advanced feed reader with built-in rule engine, filtering, full feed support et.

    1. Thank you, John, I will check it out.

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