Bluehost Affiliate Program: Earn $65 Per Referral

Are you a blogger? Do you want to earn passive income from your blog?

Affiliate marketing is the best way to earn passive income from your blog. The best thing about it is that there is no earning limit, you could earn unlimited money from affiliate marketing.

In this article, I am writing about the Bluehost affiliate program, it’s completely free to join. The Bluehost affiliate has a $65 per referral commission means when the users purchase a Bluehost web hosting through your unique affiliate link, then you will get $65 for the valid transaction.

If you want to know how affiliate marketing works then I would recommend you to read the below article and then come back here.

NOTE- The Bluehost affiliate program is moved to Impact Radius, if you are an old user you can use the Bluehost affiliate dashboard. If you are joining today or new user, then I would recommend you to use the Impact radius for the affiliate.

Join Bluehost Affiliate

The first thing is to register for a Bluehost affiliate program. You can click on the below link to sign up.

You have to fill in all the necessary information and the PayPal email address for the payment. Click on the Signup.

Tax Form Submit

Once you log in to the Bluehost affiliate, you will get the dashboard. Your first task will be to fill out the tax form.

Go to Setting >> Tax form

For Non-US persons fill out the tax Form W-8BEN as below.

bluehost affiliate tax form for non us

In the Foreign tax identifying number, you can enter the PAN number(For Indian users) and submit the tax form.

Once you submit the tax form, the Bluehost team will review it and email you the status.

If your tax form gets rejected, they will mention the reason why it gets rejected, you can update your form accordingly and resubmit it.

NOTE- For US citizens, you need Social Security Number(SSN) to submit the tax form.

Banners, Links & Widgets

Bluehost Affiliate provides different types of banners, links, and widgets for publishers. You will get the banners from the links tab.

On the top side, you will see your tracking link.

You can filter the banners using dimensions to fit them on your blog.

Bluehost offers a widget to show on your blog. You can click on the widget present right side of the links and copy the widget script. You can put a domain availability checker widget anywhere on your blog.


If you want to track Bluehost affiliate performance in the stats tab. You can check campaigns, referring links, payout history, etc, and also export your blog stats to PDF or CSV.


Bluehost pays all the valid commissions through PayPal and Electronic Bank Transfer. You can update your bank details and PayPal email address from the affiliate dashboard. Also, you cant change the PayPal email, if you want to then you have to drop an email to


  • You will get plenty of banners, widgets, and links to place on your blog.
  • The minimum threshold payout is $100, which means to withdraw money from your account you must have a minimum balance of $100.
  • The payment method is PayPal and Electronic Bank Transfer, you can choose your preferred way.
  • You can delete your affiliate account quickly as there is the delete button in the setting.
  • You can call Bluehost affiliate support at any time whenever required.
  • For each referral, you will get paid $65, depending on the number of sales amount per sign-up will increase.


  • The Bluehost affiliate program offers $65 per referral. Also, it offers a tiered commission structure, so you can earn up to $130 per sale.
  • Your referral must stay active for 90 days then only it will consider a valid transaction otherwise you will not get paid for this referral.
  • Your earnings will get verified within 45 days to confirm fraud, invalid sign-up, inactive users, etc., then only you will get paid.
  • If you apply for reissue payment, then you will be charged $35, which will be deducted from your affiliate earnings.
  • Payment is sent to you between the 16th and to end of the month.
  • Your affiliate account must be active when the referral clicks on the link and sign up for Bluehost web hosting; otherwise, you will not get paid.

Bluehost is a popular web hosting company recommended by WordPress itself. If you start promoting the Bluehost hosting then there are chances to get more referrals from the affiliate program.

If you are a beginner and want to start a blog with Bluehost, then grab the Bluehost offer.

If you like the above article then share it with your friends and let them know about the Bluehost Affiliate Program.

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  1. Thanks for the awesome review.

    I have been using BlueHost affiliate program for a while now and I’m so happy with what it turned out to be. I even report my affiliate income into monthly income reports on my blog.


    1. Hi Karim,

      Thank you for reading this post.
      your blog is very clean and you have explained each thing in detail. One thing which I like about you is you are a genuine writer. You write for a reader not for search engine.


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