[Video] Canva: Free Online Image Creating Tool

Images are a very crucial part of your content. If you want to express something through your writing, then Images will do half of your work. People will attract your blog post by looking at your pictures. If you are explaining something by using images, then it will be readily understood.

The visual tutorial is always helpful than just a text tutorial. So, I would suggest you if you are writing your blog post then include at least one image which will explain what you are writing about your content. If you are providing some tutorials, then for each step you have to insert the screenshot of that step.

I am blogging for the last three years, but I have not found any useful application to create free images for my WordPress blog. If you look at my old post you will come to know that the photos which I have included are not proper, you can say HD.

Images are the heart of the content.

Recently when I came to know about Canva is an online free image creating a website for the blog. I have tried it once, at the start, I thought it’s not a good site because everything is paid here. After two months when I revisited that site, then I found that there are some free images also which you can use for your blog.

Canva provides you free as well as paid images to create your blog. This is one of the websites where you can create a picture of all social networking sites. In this post, I will tell you how you can create free HD images for your blog.

You can check out the video tutorial.

Some popular Image categories of Canva

  • Facebook post
  • Presentation Images
  • Instagram images
  • Facebook cover
  • Newsletter
  • Twitter cover
  • Google Plus cover

There are a lot more than this, but I have mentioned some of them. Personally, for my blog, I am using Facebook post images because it will create HD images for your blog up to 1MB.

canva images category

Along with the above category, you have the option to create customized size images. In this type, you can choose the dimensions you want and build them.

If you search for specific types of pictures or logos, you will get thousands of results that you can include in your image. You have to pay $1 for premium images which you can use for a lifetime.

Why Canva?

  • It’s the free application for creating images, where you can create all types of images as you want.
  • Premium images are for just 1$
  • Easily customizable.
  • Easily understandable.
  • Mobile application present
  • Custom dimensions of images.

Another option to Canva

For every product/service, You will get a choice. Here I am sharing you some of the online image creating websites or software which you may use for your blog

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • PhotoViwerPro
  • Xara 3D

Create free online photos for your blog with Canva

Once you recognize the category, select it, and you will get the option to include the various object in your images. Before starting this tutorial, I want to tell you that if you are choosing a paid image, then you have to pay $1 for each image.

Canva image category

Layout: You will get sample images from Canva to choose which is suitable for you. Make sure that you are selecting a free image template. You can also buy a premium template and use it for a lifetime.

Elements: You can add Lines, Shapes, Charts, Icons, etc. to your images.

Text: You can add various types of texts to your images, modify them, customize them.

Background: You can change the background as you want. You will get the free background and premium for $1.

Uploads: You can use your images for background and customize them according to your requirements.

Currently, I am entirely using Canva for creating images for my blog. If you are not using it yet, then try for one image, and then you would come to know why this is the best online image creating a website.

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