How to change Outlook theme?

Microsoft Outlook is available in two different versions of the web version and with the MS office as you know that MS office products are used in almost all corporate companies.

The web version of Outlook is used for personal use. There are lots of themes available for the web version of Outlook, but for Office products, there are limited only.

If you are bored of using the default Outlook theme, you can change it. In this tutorial, I will explain how you can change the outlook theme for both the version.

Change Office Outlook theme

To change the theme of Outlook(Office Product), below are the steps to follow

Click on the file at the top left side. You will get the new screen, clicks on options(refer below screenshot).

In a General setting, you will see the Office background and Office theme under the personalise your copy of Microsoft Outlook.

Note- Office background is the background of office on which theme will be applied.

change outlook theme

You will see 14 backgrounds for Outlook and three themes. If you want to change it first change them to dark grey/light grey because on another theme background is not visible clearly.

how to change outlook theme

Change Outlook theme and background as per your choice. Click OK once done. In this way, you can personalize your Office Outlook. Mostly Outlook is for professional use, so Microsoft provided only a few options.

Change Outlook Themes for the web version

Once you log in to Outlook go to Setting Tab>Change theme, once you select the theme, click OK. In the web version of Outlook, you will get the more colourful theme, but it will be applicable for the header and the texts.

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