How to check page rank with Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free website traffic monitoring tool by Google. You can easily track the performance of the website along with it there are so many other things which we can monitor using Analytics.

It is very simple to install Google Analytics to your blog. You need a Google account to use it. Google offered analytics for free whoever have Google account they can use it. Here is the step by step guide to install Google Analytics

Google Analytics Features

Google Analytics provides you with everything that you required to track your website performance. You can monitor the blog traffic, sessions, page views, bounce rate, and more information about the visitors like location and all.

One more advantage of Analytics is this tool show you all the queries used to search your blog.

By using all the queries, one can make the top-performing post better for content. Along with queries, Google analytics will show you the page rank of each query. The page rank might be varies depending on the location of the visitors.

We can take advantage of this feature to improve our blog content.

Here I am going to tell you how to check all the queries and page rank corresponding to it.

Check Queries and Page Rank

We can check the organic keywords which are used to search our blog and the corresponding page rank. It’s straightforward to find the keywords and improve our blog traffic as per the keywords.

Login to Google Analytics and navigate to Analytics dashboard. Redirects to Acquisition tab present on the left-hand side.

Open Search console in that you will see Queries tab open it. You will see all queries (keywords) used for searching your website. Along with the queries, you can check the clicks, impressions, and position of queries on Google search results.

google analytics page rank

In the above snapshot, you can see the queries which are used for searching my blog, corresponding Page rank of that queries on Google search engine. Also, you can check the page rank in Google Search Console.


  1. Hello!

    can you also please guide with how to get website ranking of any website from google analytics?

    Thank you.

    1. Hello Neel,

      Right now, Google Analytics does not offer this feature but you can try other tools like SEMRush, Ahref etc to track the ranking, competition of all the websites. These all tools are paid.

      If I found any way to find out the ranking then I would definitely write about it. Thanks for the suggestion.


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