Cloudways Affiliate Program- Earn $125 Per Referral

Recently I wrote about the Hostgator affiliate program. Today I came up with another popular Affiliate Program Cloudways.

If you are new to Affiliate marketing and Blogging then I would recommend you read my Affiliate Marketing tutorial and then resume from here

Before knowing more about the Cloudways Affiliate program, let’s start knowing about Cloudways Hosting.

Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting platform where you can host your WordPress blog. Cloudways is popular for its performance.

Cloudways Hosting

You can make money from Cloudways Affiliate Program and earn up to $125 per referral.

You can join the Cloudways Affiliate Program here.

You have to enter all the details and click on Submit/Start Free.

Cloudways Affiliate Program Sign up

Once you completed with Sign Up process, you will get an email to activate your Cloudways Affiliate Account. Don’t forget to click on the Activate Account link.

Create Affiliate Profile

Now, you have to create an Affiliate profile by filling in personal information. Go to an Affiliate program

You will be redirected to the affiliate sign-up page for creating your profile. Just fill out all the information like payment mode, blog information, etc.


There are two types of commission structure in Cloudways, select Slab or hybrid.


  • You will get paid according to the number of sales per month.
  • The referral bonus will get increasing according to sales.
  • You can earn up to $125 per referral.
Cloudways Affiliate commission


  • For any number of referrals, you will get $30 and 7% of recurring lifetime commissions.


  • You will get up to $200 per sale for more than 81 referrals.
  • The Custom structure is for the premium affiliate marketer.

Affiliate Panel

Once you create your affiliate profile it will be redirected to the affiliate panel if not then click on Access your affiliate panel button.

Cloudways Affiliate Panel

Cloudways Affiliate Panel is user-friendly, you can easily navigate to any tab. The best part of this affiliate program is you will be assigned the Affiliate manager to whom you can ask your query also they will help you to increase your affiliate sales.

If you want to learn about Affiliate marketing and earn money from your blog, I have written a complete guide on Affiliate Marketing.

In the report section, you can track the number of sales and clicks on your blog. You can check your commissions as well.

In the Campaigns section, you will get banners and links for promotions. There are different types of banners available in all dimensions.

Why Cloudways Affiliate?

  • Various types of banners are available.
  • You can generate different types of reports.
  • Monthly payouts by PayPal and Direct bank transfer.
  • Three types of commission structures- Slab, Hybrid, and Custom.
  • An affiliate manager gets assigned for each account.

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One comment

  1. I regularly make money from cloudways.

    Yes Monthly payouts from one affiliate program excites.I receive monthly payouts from my multiple blogs. The hosting is really Powerful and hence easier to sell.

    I do it through listicles so far in several categories, probably going to make a deep review as well.

    thanks Amit for sharing your experience. Great review of cloudways affiliate.

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