Common Blogging Mistakes To Avoid [pro tips]

Common Blogging Mistakes To Avoid

Blogging is a very vast field where some people get success, and others don’t because they give up quickly. I know that blogging is not an easy thing, but nothing is impossible if you try, you can do anything. I am running this blog for the last two years still I am not getting enough traffic might be I am doing something wrong, but again, I have not given up. I am continuously writing on my blog.

In this duration, I made lots of silly mistakes. Here, I am exploring all the errors so that you won’t do it again, which I had done earlier.

Choosing the wrong niche

This was the first thing that you need to research before starting your blog. When I was reading another blog, I just read about Blogging, Web hosting, Affiliate marketing, Adsense, etc. I read all those things only to gain more knowledge about blogging, and I had not interested in that topic. I was reading such a topic because I wanted to start a new blog. When I have started it, I was writing about blogging niche only. After 100 articles, I realized that there is too much competition in the blogging niche, and even I am also not interested in it.

For me, it’s better to have programming niche because it will improve your programming knowledge also which is beneficial for my career, another topic which I like is mobiles and gadgets niche in which there are lots of information present everywhere, but I made one mistake of choosing a blogging niche. Now I am trying to write about other topics, but it will affect my traffic.

I suggest that select only those niches in which you are interested otherwise in future, and you will realize that you made a big mistake like me.

Don’t hurry to buy the theme

After choosing a niche, the next work is to pick a theme depends on the niche. I have not seen other theme just saw one theme which I like then I bought it after that I realized that there are some SEO friendly themes available in the market (free and paid).

Now I think that why I purchased this theme? Choose a theme that will suit your niche.

Keyword Research

When I was writing a post, I don’t add keywords, or you can say I don’t know what keywords are or how we can use it in our post, how we can find out the right keywords for our blog. This mistake happened because of a lack of knowledge about blogging. So I recommended you before starting your blog you should know all the things about the blog. Otherwise, it will create a big problem later on.

Sometimes I realize that there is no scope for keywords only the content of your blog will drive more traffic. Both things have the same importance, but you should be technical sometimes. So, it’s better to have two keywords in your blog post. I am still adding keywords to my last post because I have not added that time. After in-depth research on the keyword, I have found out some tricks where you can add keywords to your post.

Focus on content not design/look

From starting, I have been improving my blog look instead of material, but this will not worth your content matters a lot. If you want to improve your blog, then write good quality content it will drive more traffic. This is the mistake which I have been doing for the last two years.

Now I realized that content matters a lot, so I am writing an only quality post. If you are a business, then your blog look will matter, but if you are blogging for money, then I would recommend you to focus on content.

Social Media

When I started my blog in 2014, then I am not aware of the importance of the social networking site for promotion. I have not created the social pages for my blog. It’s too late for me to understand all these things. After a year, I have created social pages on Twitter, Facebook, google plus, and LinkedIn.

From that day, I am sharing my content on social media. I think this is the biggest mistake which I did on my blogging journey so far. If you want your content to reach more people, then you must share it on social sites.

Here I have sorted out top 5 common blogging mistakes to avoid

  • Copying the content from other blogs.
  • Spamming on social media while sharing content.
  • Not focusing on the content of the blog.
  • Include multiple niches in the single blog.
  • Focusing only on increasing backlinks instead of writing quality content.

Focusing on increasing backlinks

The last point is crucial, which I want to explore more. This is the biggest blogging mistake that every blogger does. To some extent, this is useful, but if you are always trying to increase backlinks, then it will be harmful to your SEO traffic. There are two types of backlinks excellent and bad. You don’t know which is good then how you are increasing backlinks.

Instead of focusing on this I would recommend you to write a quality content first and if you think you have enough content then go for increasing backlinks.

Copying content from another blog

I have seen some blogger doing rehashing the content from another blog. As a beginner, they are not aware of the consequences of this. Copying content from other blogs would lead to copyright infringement. I would recommend that instead of copying or rehashing the content from another blog, try to write your knowledge. Once you get enough experience, you will learn how to write content.

When I was a beginner, I was doing the same thing with my blogger blog. I read the content from another blog and rehash it to my blog, as the experience goes on increasing, I have stopped all these things and writing my content. Mostly all blogger makes this mistake when starting a blog.

So, friends, I have written this post because you will come to know about these blogging mistakes and you will avoid it. Also, if you have done any wrong thing during your blogging journey, then let our readers know.

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