10 Blogging Mistakes that can be avoided

Failure is a part of Success. If you have not done any mistakes then you have not learned any new things.

In blogging few people get success, and few give up quickly. Blogging is not easy, but nothing is impossible if you try, you will succeed. You should have patience in blogging.

In this article, I am sorting out the common blogging mistakes that every newbie blogger do, also I will tell you how you can avoid them.

Wrong niche

Choosing a blog niche is the first step in blogging. If you choose it wrong then definitely, there will be consequences of it.

Don’t choose a blog niche because others are writing about it. You should choose a blog niche that you are passionate about.

If you choose the blog niche in which you are passionate then you will not get bored and will love to write about it. On the other side, if you choose the niche which you don’t like then in the future you will get bored writing about it.

People will not quit the thing which they are enjoying doing, this is a human tendency.

The other thing is that don’t start a multi-niche blog, it will be difficult to drive traffic to a multi-niche blog.

Choose one topic in which you are passionate and find out the sub-topics in it and write about it. In this way, you will have all content about the same topic.

Nulled theme

Don’t purchase the blog theme until you finalize your blog niche. You can purchase a premium blog theme depending on the blog niche.

One mistake that newbie bloggers do is using a nulled blog theme.

If you are serious about blogging then I would recommend you purchase a premium blog theme and start using it.

Don’t use a nulled blog theme.

Keyword Research

If you are writing a blog post without any keywords then you are doing a big mistake. I have already written one article about keyword research and its importance of it, you can read it.

If you want organic traffic then you should do proper keyword research and LSI keywords and use them smartly in your blog post. I was doing the same mistake by not adding keywords but later I realized the importance of it. I started adding it and my organic traffic has increased.

If you are writing articles without proper keyword research, then you are doing nothing. There are fewer to no chances to get organic traffic for such articles.

You can use free keyword research tools to find out the targeted and LSI keywords and use them in your blog posts.

Do proper keyword research before writing any articles and use it smartly.

Not Focusing on content

Before writing any blog post you should think about what readers want, then gather all the information and write a post.

If you have great content which will fulfill readers’ requirements then readers will visit again. So, try to write quality content, it will drive more traffic.

I saw many beginners focusing on blog design and monetization of the blog, which is not required initially. Once your blog is getting enough traffic then you can do what you want.

Social Media interaction

In blogging, social media interaction is very important. Initially, it is difficult to get organic traffic but we can use social media to reach out to the targeted audience and let them read your free content.

Social media is very important for promoting our blog, we should not neglect it. You can create the pages, groups, and communities for your blog and when you publish the content then you can share it on social media.

Complete your profile on social media and publish once a week or what is the best time for you. Also, don’t spam while publishing content on social media, it may lead to the deactivation of your account, also readers will get irritated.

Not updating Content

People write their blog content and leave it for the readers. This is a huge mistake in blogging. Our blog should be updated with the latest information we have.

We must have to update the blog content to the latest information. In this way, you can easily deliver quality content to readers, also readers will get the expected content.

If you don’t have an article for writing, then you should consider updating the old ones.

Focusing on increasing backlinks

Every blogger is crazy about backlinks. I don’t understand, why people are asking for backlinks.

We all know that there are many ranking factors for Google, but I don’t understand why bloggers are running behind backlinks.

Being a blogger, you should focus on delivering quality content and try to write thorough blog posts. I would recommend you, initially, don’t focus on increasing backlinks, first improve your content and finally focus on backlinks.

If you think that your blog is popular enough, then I think you don’t need to ask for backlinks, anyone will add your blog link in their blog posts.

Lack Of Email Marketing

Marketing/Promotion is crucial if your blog is new. It is quite difficult to drive organic traffic from Google, so we have to find out other ways to drive traffic.

We can use social media to promote our blog but at the same time, email marketing is important. Nowadays, people usually check their emails, and it’s a great idea to send your content to directly their inbox.

Readers won’t have time to check your blog daily but they can check if you send the content to their inbox.

The common mistake in which I saw is that bloggers neglect email marketing. They just depend on the other traffic source. Email marketing is the most underrated topic in blogging.

Try to grow your email lists, in this way you will get the targeted audience for your blog and which can be converted easily.

Copying content

Many newbie bloggers write the content by rehashing the content from another blog. They don’t know that copying content from other blogs would lead to copyright infringement.

Try to understand that, if you don’t have the blog authority then copying will not work.

Blogging Anonymously

If you are blogging without your real identity, then you are doing the biggest mistake.

Readers want to meet the person from which they are taking advice, it is not possible to meet in person but at least you can show them who you are and what you do.

If you are blogging anonymously, readers will not trust you and your content as well.

Upload your photo, let readers know who are you, and see the result, you can interact with them, to get better results.

Over to You

If you want to start your blog then you should be genuine to your blog readers. Don’t lie to readers, write consistently, and be updated. If you have a passion for blogging then you will definitely get success.

If you like this article, then consider sharing it with your friends and on social media.

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