Conversion.Ai Review: The Best AI Writer On The Market?

This review is for copywriters, marketers, and business owners who hate writing, but don’t have the budget to hire expensive copywriters. If this is you then read this post and find out why might be the perfect solution for you.

Your marketing is usually more effective when your contents are well-written and engaging. And that’s why copywriting is important for your business – to create content that improves your conversion rate and gets you more customers. To enhance your copywriting, is one of the most powerful copywriting tools you can consider. assists you to write top-quality copies with the assistance of artificial intelligence. Writing a copy that converts takes a lot of creativity and expertise. But with, you just need to supply the parameters and let advanced technology do the job for you.

Here, you will learn more about, its features and capabilities, how it works, and other things you need to know about the AI copywriting aid.

Overview of and AI Copywriting

In recent times, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has influenced how different operations are carried out in different ways. It is now possible to automate many processes that would have been done manually by humans so that these processes run on their own. More significantly, AI has introduced the possibility of training computers to think and behave like humans. 

You can now implement a model that entails definite and flexible patterns of possible choices and actions into a computer. The endpoint is that the computers recognize and learn the models. And with this, they can make cognitive decisions with the least possible human assistance, based on their training.

This effect of AI has generally made a lot of things easier for people across different sectors. For copywriters, AI-enabled tools like now help to make the job easier and faster. So, what exactly is and what does it do?

What is (Jarvis) is an AI-enabled copywriting tool that is designed to help you write high-converting copies across different niches. It is powered by an artificial intelligence bot known as Jarvis. You can use the tool to generate content for websites, emails, ads, landing pages, and other conversion-intended content.

If you are a copywriter or you work with one, you’ll probably be familiar with certain copywriting challenges such as:

  • Writer’s block
  • Lack of copywriting ideas
  • Lack of creativity in expressing ideas
  • Limitations of limited language abilities
  • Speed in producing the desired content

These challenges and more are what you can find easier ways to handle and overcome using For a better understanding, let’s consider how this copywriting tool works.

How Does Work? uses artificial intelligence to solve copywriting problems. The system was programmed with expert knowledge and models from experienced copywriters. Hence, the output from the service is just as good as what you get when you employ a physical copywriting expert.

The copywriting software helps you to identify the kind of content that best suits your target audience. It is built with tools that help you figure out important copywriting factors such as different tones for various audiences and the right choice of words for every content. Hence, you can align your copywriting goals with what exactly your audience wants.

So, what you need to do is to supply the necessary details of your copy such as tone, keywords, audience, length of the copy, etc. The AI software then uses these parameters to produce a copy that meets your standard.

You don’t really have to worry so much about the parameters and how to choose them for a suitable audience. provides you with different templates already specifically tailored for various niches or categories. These templates are known as Skills, and we will explore them in more detail in a later section.

What Can You Use For?

Part of the reason copywriting seems to be gaining more popularity every day is that it cuts across almost all kinds of online content. From short product descriptions to long blog posts, there’s a need to optimize your content if it must gain the attention of the right audience.

As such, can be used in any field or niche as far as copywriting is concerned. However, some of the top services where AI copywriting with Jarvis will be mode useful are: 


Working with helps you create high-converting copies for online marketing of any sort. This AI-powered tool provides you with one of the best copywriting frameworks for marketing: the AIDA framework.

The AIDA framework employs an effective March strategy based on four sequential elements which include:

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Acton

The implementation of the strategy is simple to understand, and you may even replicate it in your marketing campaigns. So, how does the strategy work?

First, you must ensure that your copies can draw the attention of the intended audience. But attention is not enough because it can disappear as quickly as it came if it’s not sustained. So, you must find ways to make your content engaging enough to spark up interest in the visitors.

When you have gotten them attracted and interested, your content should be able to make them desire to buy your products or services. And with strategic content such as CTAs, you can get the potential clients to take actions such as subscribing to a newsletter or buying a product. This is the ultimate goal of marketing: to transform visitors into loyal buyers.


Your success in business depends largely on your ability to get customers to purchase what you offer. This is regardless of whether you own an online store, you’re dropshipping, or you’re an affiliate marketer. helps you write SEO-optimized content such as product descriptions using the right keywords. The effect is that your business will most likely be more visible to the people that really matter.


Blogging is currently one of the best business ideas to earn money from home. There are many ways to monetize your blog, but it all revolves around the size of the audience you have. can help you build a large crowd for your blog by generating high-converting blog post titles to complement your top-notch posts. If you’re a Pro subscriber, you can even write an entire blog post using the Long Form Assistant feature.

Video Content Creation

If you’re a YouTuber, for instance, the titles and product descriptions of your videos matter a lot for SEO. You can leverage the expertise of Jarvis AI to create compelling titles and product descriptions to attract the traffic you desire.

Email Marketing

Most people do not like long emails especially when they know it’s for marketing. You can use to generate short but precise and powerful copies for your email marketing with strategies CTAs to incite your readers to act.

Features of

There are possibly many other AI copywriting tools available on the internet. One major thing that makes a software stand out from its competitors is the features it contains and how suitable they are to users. For a better review, let’s see the most prominent features of

User Interface

When you visit the website, you will be greeted by a relatively easy-to-use interface. The UI is clean, intuitive, easy to navigate, and generally gives you a fantastic user experience.

Right from the home page, you can easily tell the services available, and see testimonies of previous users through their reviews. And just in case you’re already convinced, there’s a Get Started Call-To-Action button strategically positioned to swing you into action.


These are the predefined templates that let you start and complete your copywriting in the shortest time possible. Each skill is built to fit into a particular category or niche, with different tools and settings to help you produce a top-notch copy in that sector.

There are many available templates in the software. Some of these templates include:

  • Attention, Interest, Desire, Action (AIDA) framework
  • Topic Ideas for blog posts
  • Problem-Agitate-Solution (PAS) framework
  • Introduction for blog posts
  • Blog post content outline
  • Product description for social media, emails, and websites
  • Content Improver / Rewriter
  • Creative stories
  • Feature to Benefit
  • Sentence Expander
  • Personal Bio
  • Facebook Ad headline
  • Facebook ad Primary text
  • Company bio
  • Google ads headline
  • Amazon product features
  • Google Ads descriptions
  • SEO – Title and Meta descriptions
  • Real Estate Listing – residential
  • Perfect headlines
  • Engaging questions
  • Sub-headline for websites
  • Photo post captions
  • Answers to Quora questions
  • Short social posts
  • Video topic ideas
  • Email subject lines
  • Video titles, scripts, and descriptions
  • Review Responder
  • Etc.

On your dashboard, each of these templates is grouped into different tabs to reflect their relevant niches. This helps streamline the options when you click on a tab so that you see only templates related to your purpose. The tabs include:

  • Marketing framework
  • Ecommerce
  • Emails
  • Ads
  • Video
  • Website
  • Blog
  • SEO
  • Marketing

You can also visit Most Profitable Copywriting Niches to learn more about the niches that pay you the most as a copywriter.

Content Tab

Especially when you’re a new user of, you’re most likely going to generate a lot of results as you’re trying to master the tool. While you may never really need some of these outputs again, you may want to trace back to some of your previous outputs to use or learn from them.

You know, if you’re doing manual copywriting, chances are that you might forget or lose many of these previous outputs. This is where the Content tab comes in; to help you keep a record of all you have generated using the platform.

For easier operations, the Content Tab allows you to sort your generated content into categories such as Favorites. That way, it is easier for you to locate the content or even figure out the ones you don’t need and possibly trash them.

Customer Support

No matter how easy a software is to use, there may still be times you may encounter some challenges using it. That’s why it is important to consider not just whether a solution has customer support, but also whether they respond only time.

There are many ways you can obtain customer assistance on the Jarvis platform. The website provides a robust FAQ section to give you predefined answers or solutions to common issues people experience with the solution.

If you cannot find an effective solution to your issue via the FAQ, you can communicate directly to any available Customer Service agent via their Live Chat feature. You can also send them an email via, and they usually respond within 24 hours.

Alternatively, you can reach out to their Facebook community if you have issues. There, you will meet other Jarvis users who might have experienced similar challenges and are willing to assist you. Academy

The Jarvis platform provides you with a whole lot of features and options to work with. As a beginner, it might be difficult for you to figure out how each of these features works or which options are best for your tasks. At this point, the Academy becomes your go-to resource.

The academy contains a comprehensive list of tutorials to guide you on different ways to maximize the platform and its features. The available video tutorials cover basic topics on different features and capabilities such as:

  • How To  Write a Blog Post That Ranks High With Jarvis
  • How To Best Utilise the Magic of Jarvis
  • How To Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile to Build Authority and Convert More Sales
  • How To Write VSL and Webinar Copy That Converts With Jarvis
  • Etc.

Apart from the academy, you can also visit their YouTube channel for more resources.

Plans and Pricing

For most copywriters, pricing is one of the most critical considerations when choosing a tool. You’d probably love to work with a software that offers you robust services and yet is within your budget. 

There is no free version for Nevertheless, you still have the opportunity to find out exactly how the tool works via the free trial. Note that the free trial has a limit of 20,000-word generation. Anything beyond that will require that you subscribe to their services.

Currently, offers two main plans plus a new feature known as the Boss Mode. The plans are as follows.

  • STARTER PLAN: $29 per month

This plan grants you access to over 50 short-form copywriting templates on Jarvis with a maximum output of 400 characters for each skill. You also have access to unlimited seats, 5 project folders, up to 25 supported languages, chat support, and access to the copywriters’ community.

The Starter plan has a total word limit of 20,000 words. You can have any number of team members on the plan, but note that each member’s use contributes to the word limit for the account.

  • PRO PLAN: $109 per month

The Pro plan grants you access to all the features that are available from the Starter plan plus the Long-form Assistant, Workspace Documents, and unlimited project folders.

With the Long-Form Assistant, you will be able to create long-term content such as books, video scripts, and blog posts.

The Pro plan provides only one user seat, but also offers the option of an additional user for $25 per month.

  • PRO + BOSS MODE: $119 per month

This new feature comes with all the privileges of the Pro plan plus the Jarvis Commands. The Jarvis Commands help you gain more control over your outputs by letting you direct Jarvis to write the copies exactly the way you need them. Of course, this can speed up the writing time and tailor your content more to your specifications.

All the available plans on include the 7-day money guarantee just in case you change your mind on your subscription within 7 days of subscribing.


There are a lot of reasons why might be your best plug for AI copywriting. Some of these advantages include:

  • Jarvis generates 99.9% original content. Hence, you don’t need to bother about plagiarism for your copies.
  • The platform provides many templates you can start from across different niches. These predefined content and structures help you to save time and stress, and finish your copies in a matter of minutes.
  • The high-quality copywriting abilities of the tool helps you overcome writers’ block and can suggest perks that can inspire you towards creating a great copy.
  • All the plans support a 7-day Money Back Guarantee in case you do not want to continue with your subscription after 7 days. Most other platforms take up to 30 days for their refund.
  • The Customer Support for Jarvis is quite commendable for their quick response and are always available to help their users.
  • As a user, you have 24/7 access to a large AI Copywriters Community where you can easily find fellow AI copywriters willing to assist and network with you.
  • Each user has access to free video tutorials via the Academy. The tutorials do not only contain guidelines on using the platform; they also teach some fundamental SEO strategies and Social Media Marketing.
  • The platform supports over 25 languages, saving you the stress of having to manually translate your content across different languages.
  • Jarvis Commands puts you in charge of what the system outputs to you, giving you a better opportunity to tailor your delivery to client specifications.


  • There’s no free version, and the trial version has many limitations.
  • The system sometimes generates some irrelevant content. So, you might still have to edit your generated content to make it exactly what you need.


Instead of getting frustrated by writers’ block and other challenges of copywriting, you can make your copywriting easier by using an AI copywriting aid. And if you’re looking for a robust tool to use, might render you the best assistance. 

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