Dreamhost Affiliate Program [Earn up to $200 Per Sale]

My blogging journey started from Dreamhost. I have used Dreamhost hosting for a year and I have earned my first blogging income from the Dreamhost affiliate program.

Affiliate Marketing is the best way to earn money from blogging. If you have enough organic traffic then Affiliate marketing will defiantly work for you.

If you are a beginner in affiliate marketing, you can read my complete guide

In this article, I am going to discuss the Dreamhost affiliate program. The best part of the Dreamhost affiliate program is you don’t need to have a separate account for the affiliate. If you are using Dreamhost web hosting, then you can use the same.

Before starting the article, it’s good to know about Dreamhost web hosting.

Dreamhost Web Hosting Plans

I have hosted my blog on Dreamhost for one year on WordPress hosting and I got a 97% discount on shared hosting. I have paid only $23 for a year. Since I was just a beginner so I started with Dreamhost shared hosting.

Dreamhost offers six different plans for hosting and in all plans, you will get SSD storage and you can host multiple websites.

WordPress Hosting and Website Hosting- This plan starts from $2.59 per month. It is very good for beginners.

VPS Hosting- If you want more performance and your blog has very good traffic then I would recommend you go for VPS hosting. In this, you will get a separate server. This plan is a bit expensive starting from $10 per month.

Cloud Hosting- Dreamhost has introduced cloud hosting like Vultr, Cloudways, Digital Ocean, etc. Cloud hosting charges are on an hourly basis ($0.0075 per hour), you will have to pay only for the used hours.

Dreamhost Affiliate Sign up

If you are a Dreamhost user then you don’t need to have a different account for the Dreamhost affiliate.

If you are not a user of Dreamhost, then you can sign up using this link. Fill all the necessary information and sign up.

Dreamhost Affiliate sign up

All the information is personal and you will have to provide the website name on which you are going to promote the Dreamhost hosting.

Dreamhost Affiliate Dashboard

Once you sign up it’s time to promote the Dreamhost, Log in to your account. Click on your Profile >> Refer and Earn.

You will be redirected to your affiliate dashboard. Here, you can manage all your affiliate settings.

dreamhost refer and earn

Links and Banners

You will get the DreamHost Referral Link from the dashboard. You can put it on your website.

Also, if you want Dreamhost banners, you can download them from the Graphics section.


Dreamhost Affiliate offers different commissions for monthly and annual plans.

I would recommend you to promote the Shared Unlimited- Give $50, Get $50, the user will get the $50 and you will get $50.

You will get $97 for each referral of shared hosting. In which if the user applied the coupon code, then that amount would deduct from your referral amount.

Dreamhost Affiliate Commission

For each referral, your payment will be held for 97 days because Dreamhost hosting has 97 days money-back guarantee. In this period if the referral user cancels their hosting plan, then you will not get a referral amount.

Dreamhost Affiliate Stats

You can also see the performance of your affiliate account itself. Go to Your Reward section and you can see the last 24-hour summary, you can apply a filter to see the complete stats.

dreamhost affiliate income report

My Income

I have been using Dreamhost for one year, during this period I was promoting it on my blog. I have written an article about the Dreamhost review and added a few affiliate links to it.

Within six months, I got four referrals but three of them canceled their plan within 3 months so I didn’t get the referral rewards. For one referral I got $47 (you can see the above screenshot in the stats section) which was my first blogging and affiliate income.


  • Easy sign up the process and you will get a promotion/discount link in your hosting account itself.
  • $97 referral amount for each sign-up.
  • The payment holding period is 97 days.
  • If the referral applies the coupon code, then that amount will get deducted from your account.

Promotion Strategy

For all my affiliate products, I am following the below techniques to promote them.

  1. I would highly recommend you if you want to promote the Dreamhost hosting then write a review post about Dreamhost and Add affiliate links to it.
  2. You can promote that article on different social networking sites.
  3. If you are using Dreamhost shared hosting, then write credit to the footer and add an affiliate link.
  4. Use Google Adwords and Facebook ads to promote Dreamhost Hosting.
  5. If you have a coupon code for Dreamhost, then create an image containing that code and share it on Facebook or any other social site. Images are more attractive than text.
  6. You can add the DreamHost banner to your blog.
  7. Use your email subscribers to promote your Affiliate links.

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  1. Hello Amit.
    I have also started promoting dreamhost.
    Can you let me know how to create Custom Coupon Code.
    right now there is no option to create code.

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