Effective ways to drive traffic from Facebook

Do you promote your blog on social media? How was your experience?

It must be GREAT.

Social media is the best place to promote your blog and get targeted social traffic. The best thing about social media promotion is it’s completely free. You can not ignore social media for promotion.

Before starting the promotion of your blog, your blog should be complete, and well designed. Once you realized that your blog is perfect in all manners, then you can promote your blog on social media.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the best social sites to share your blog or promote your blog content.

In this article, I will tell you the effective ways to promote your blog on Facebook. This guide will defiantly tell you the importance of social media in marketing.

Complete your Facebook profile

Many people on Facebook don’t complete their profiles, they hide the truth from the world. If you have a personal profile, then that’s completely fine.

If you have created a Facebook profile for blogging purposes, then you must complete your profile to get your readers to know about you and your profession.

There are various Facebook profile sections available that you must complete. Here I will list some of them which are used for promoting the blog.

Check out my Facebook profile overview

facebook profile information

NOTE- Anything which you are updating on your Facebook profile must be public.

Update contact and necessary information

Facebook allows you to update the contact information on your profile so that friends will connect with you. Along with it, Facebook allows updating the website information and social links that you have. Keep all this info visible to the public.

Also, you should create a proper username for your Facebook profile, which is useful for sharing the username with others.

facebook contact and social links

Detail about your section

Facebook is allowing users to update the information about you and your profession. This is the right place where you can put the about me page link to your blog. Initially, you can update the necessary information about you, in the end, you can provide the link to the about me page. You can check out my Facebook profile.

facebook about me profile section

Never miss the opportunity to promote your blog, wherever you want.

Update the nickname

This is another place where you can tell people that you are a professional blogger. You can update the profile with a nickname like ‘Blogger at ScrollBucks’ or any other which is good as per your experience. Visitors will immediately understand that you are a blogger. Check out my profile.

facebook update nickname

Follow your league

With recent stats, Facebook has more than 3 billion active users who use Facebook. You can follow the people of the same interest area, also like the pages, and join the groups to get regular updates all around the world.

Just following them is not sufficient, you should interact with them by commenting. Then your followers will come to know that you are active on social media as well.

For bloggers, interaction is a must because of which you will come to know what readers want and how to improve your blog.

Also, by interacting with people on social media, you will get the content idea. I am using Quora, Facebook Groups, and Forums to get the content ideas to write on my blog.

Cover photo

Eye-catching images always attract readers to come and see your profile. I would suggest you prepare a proper professional cover photo for Facebook containing your blogging profile with a blog URL. Readers will read about you and also might be interested in visiting your blog.

If you are a blogger, then don’t keep celebrity pictures on the profile it will create a wrong impression on the readers else you can create your own and keep it.

If you are not good at graphics or creating images, then you can use the Canva tool, which is free and allow you to create a cover photo with simple steps without knowing to design.

Facebook Widgets

This is not a necessary item, but most blogs have a Facebook widget. This will allow the reader to like your page or follow your profile.

Share content

Before sharing, you should join the popular groups on Facebook having the same niche. I would suggest you add at least ten groups to your profile and once a week share useful content on it. Make sure that you are not spamming otherwise you will get banned by the admin.

I have implemented all the above techniques on my blog. Apart from this, there are so many ways where you can promote your blog. Check this post to know more ways

Be updated

This is very important for your blog to attract more targeted traffic. I would suggest you update the daily status containing images, videos, or any other blog link.

what content we should promote?

I have lots of blog pages on Facebook, which have automated their blog content. For a beginner, this is not the right way to promote content, the reader will understand that you are just sharing content for traffic. Don’t post links always; sometimes it’s better to upload images, content, and other related.

You can create an image for sharing on Facebook with the help of the Canva tool.

Be online

Just like above, I said that you must be interactive with all your readers on Facebook. You should like, comment, and reply wherever needed. Just updating the status is not much useful. When you get comments on your status, then you should answer all of them to show your reader’s presence.

Take feedback/Ask questions

If you want to know the progress of social media promotion, then you should take the feedback from readers. You can ask the question about what you want. Also, you can ask about the issue related to your blog niche. If you need anything, then your question also solves the problems of others. People will comment on the answers, and everyone should know them.

Facebook groups have features that you should take a poll from group members. I would suggest you choose one survey once a week/month as you want.


Facebook is a free source where you can promote your blog as much as you want. You can take advantage of this to drive more traffic to your blog.

You can choose Facebook Advert to attract the targeted audience from a specific country. Keep sharing on related groups and be active in them.

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