Are you following your passion?

Are you following your passion or just doing a full-time job for money?

Are you really happy with your job?

I am a software engineer working in an IT company having a decent salary. You might be thinking that, why I have started this blog and why I am writing this article?

Do I really love to work for an IT company? Do I like my job? Am I enjoying my job?

At some point, I think that I am not happy with my job and my passion is something different.

I am not interested in the full-time job which I am doing but for money, I have to work. I love to do online things like blogging, video making, video gaming, etc.

Most Indian parents teach their children that if they study hard, and get good grades then they will get a job in good company and they will also get a good girl for marriage. This means from the start you will get brainwashed to work for others. 

When I asked my friends about their passion and what they do for a living, both were poles apart then why they are not following their passion. Nobody is doing the work they love, they just work for money.

Why does this happen?

We are scared people, if we don’t work we don’t get money. This thinking will lead to low confidence because of this, we try to find a job that will give us monthly payments.

Right Time Investment

We don’t want to take risks in our life. If you want financial freedom then you must have to take risks at right time.

You want to earn millions but you don’t want to invest a single penny this will not work.

I started this blog in 2014, the blog was not performing well but still, I didn’t stop working on it. Also, I was paying for hosting, domain name, and other premium services for this blog.

Many friends were telling me that this is not a good idea and you are just wasting your money, because of this thinking, they all are still working in the IT company and rely on their monthly payments for their expenses.

Now, my blog is earning decent money and all my friends are asking me how to create a blog and how we can earn money from it.

Time flew, and other competitors came to market.

This is all about time. If you will not start then someone else will. There is a lot of competition in blogging. Even though if you start a blog then there will not be chances that you will get success.

There are many bloggers who started a blog ten years ago and all are earning well. If you take suggestions from all of them then you will get the same answer that in blogging you will have to do hard work.

You will love your work

If you are following your passion then you will not get bored of doing what you love. You will be always a happy person.

Also, if the passion is giving you money then you are the luckiest person on this planet. There are very few people who earn money from doing what they love.

If you are following your passion then you won’t feel that you are working. It will be fun for you and you will love it.

Life Is Short

You have a limited period of time in this life so enjoy each and every moment of your life. Do the things which will make you happy.

You will never know when your life will end, so follow your passion. Life is short and complicated so make it perfect and happy.


The only disadvantage of following our passion is sometimes it will not give you money. Then how we can survive on this earth there are many fortunate people who follow their passion and earn a decent amount of money those are lucky people.

There are some people who are following their passion but it will not help them to earn money like suppose one person is interested in playing sports, it will not give you money unless you become popular and playing for some club.

Suppose you like swimming, dancing, reading, etc, who will give you money for doing such activities, there are very few exceptions for this.

You will have to do lots of struggle to become popular in your passionate area then only you can earn money.

In this case, we have two options

  • We can make our full-time job a passion.
  • Choose a passion that will give you a decent amount of money.

In the first case, it will take time to make the not interesting thing a passion but it is possible.

The second case is the best in the world because you are following a passion and earning money with it.


If you want to be the happiest person on this planet then follow your passion. Don’t expect anything from anyone, expectations hurt always. Life is short, so try to achieve the things which you wanted to be.

Don’t listen to people, they will teach you what they think and it is not necessary to be always right. You must have to listen to your heart. If you want to do something then do it right away, don’t wait for something or for the right time. Each moment in this life is precious, don’t waste it by doing things that you don’t like.

Always remember, that passion comes first.

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