Gmail vs Outlook: Which is the best email service?

gmail vs outlook

Gmail and Outlook are the most popular email service providers in the world. In my recent post, I have discussed professional email address ideas.

Microsoft’s Hotmail (now Outlook) had introduced in 1996 and offered 2 MB space for its users. Gmail had been launched on 1 April 2004 and had offered 1 GB of free storage. Since then both the email service providers has been changed completely and upgrading their service periodically.

Recently, Microsoft has released a newer version of Outlook web. It has a totally new user interface and added new functionality. At the same time, Gmail has changed its web version totally, migrated to a new user interface.

Both Gmail and Outlook have same features and provides free service to its users. In this post, I am going to differentiate both the email services on the basis of features and the service they provide to its users.

User Interface

Outlook has changed the user interface of the web version. We can easily navigate in Outlook. It has all quick setting like Theme, Focused Inbox, Display Density, etc.

Gmail has a very clean user interface that first time user easily understand and navigate it. Also, Gmail supports different types of themes and you can set your own photo as a theme.

Winner- Gmail


Gmail offers 15 GB of free space for emails and all the Google Apps associated with that email address. We can use the same space to store our personal data, documents in Google drive.

Outlook offers 15 GB of storage for emails. We can store our personal files, Documents in the Onedrive.

Both Google Drive and Onedrive sync from all the devices.

Winner- Tie (Since both the email services offers 15 GB of free space)


In Outlook you will get the Adsense ads to the right side of the emails on the web. It is irritating to see the ads while reading an email. If you have to get rid of these ads then we have to upgrade free Outlook to Outlook 365.

At the same time, Gmail doesn’t show the ads in the inbox. We can see some ads in the emails but which is negligible. There is no paid version of Gmail available. For the business purpose, you can buy GSuite.

Winner- Gmail

Mobile Application

Both Gmail and Outlook have their mobile application for Android and IOS devices. Gmail has just introduced new white them for Gmail app. The outlook is also introducing new features to the mobile app.

Both the mobile apps are easily navigable and we can easily compose emails. We can get real-time notifications of emails. Also, we can configure any other email service to both the application.

Winner- Tie


Ads-Ons helps us to improve the productivity of users and to enhance user experience. Outlook supports the third-party app’s integration to make the work easier. At the same time, there are lots of Gmail extensions available in store. We can not decide the better one since both the email service provides support of extensions or Ads-on.

Winner- Tie


Gmail and outlook are free to email service providing company and widely used in the world. Personally, I am using the Outlook for my personal use because I didn’t get my desired email address on Gmail.

I am using Gmail and GSuite for my blog since it is the best email service currently available. We can not think of emails without Gmail. Everyone can trust Google and Microsoft.

By looking at the comparison I would say that the winner is Gmail but it does not mean that Outlook is not better. I personally don’t like the ads showing at the right of emails in Outlook otherwise Outlook is also the best choice for everyone. Every company uses Outlook for their business purpose.

Friends, I would like to know about which email service you are using for personal use.

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