Google Adsense Policy Changed To Make Publishers Happy

Google Adsense is stringent on the policy. They immediately block the domain name if any violation of the Adsense policy. Recently, Google Adsense has announced the most significant change in its policy. If you are a blogger, then you would finally be happy to hear that.

If you depend on the single income- Google Adsense then this news will make you happy. Recently What Adsense was doing is if there is any policy violation then directly Adsense was blocking the whole domain name. It means later you won’t publish any Adsense ads on that domain name.

In the new policy, Adsense has decided to block only that particular page URL. So you can still publish Adsense ads on other pages. This policy change has been the most significant relief in a blogger’s life.

Google has considered the voice of all the bloggers and taken this decision. Till now a number of a domain name has been blocked by the Adsense.

Recently when Google Adsense suspends your account, then you will get sufficient time to make the necessary changes in your content. Keep in mind that account suspension is only means your Adsense ads will be disabled from your blog. Once you changed the content from the affected page then again you can publish the Ads.

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