Google Allo: Another option to WhatsApp

google allo

One day when I opened the app store, I saw one Google application is trending Google allo. I have installed that app at that moment. I have a habit that I use each application trending on the app store.

When I installed it, one thing came to my mind that we can use this app as an option to WhatsApp. In the past, when Hike Messenger was developed, then people were thinking the same that it will be the challenge for WhatsApp to fight with Hike. I have written a comparison between the two applications Hike and WhatsApp.

If you use this application, you will come to know that all the features which WhatsApp has are present in Google allo. Even you will see some more features in Allo. Before proceeding, I would like to share the exciting features of Google allo.

  • Clean UI-If you see the user interface of this app, you can easily understand. We accept that this is an emerging application, more features will be coming, but right now it’s as good as WhatsApp.
  • Incognito Mode-You will not see this feature in WhatsApp. Just like google chrome we can erase our chatting history after some specified time. You need to open the conversation in incognito mode and set the timer it will be automatic delete all messages you send. All the discussion in incognito mode will get encrypted end to end. This is an important feature which all application required.
  • Google assistant-This feature will reduce your effort of searching something on Google. Google Assistant is work like Apple Siri. You need to write what you want, and Google will give you the answer to that query. This is the bonus feature included in this app. Even you can subscribe to some events like news, jokes, fun fact, the exciting thing, score, etc. It will through the message in your messenger about what you subscribe.
  • Group Chat-You can create a group of friends and talk with anyone. This is a standard feature which is present in every application.
  • Stickers– You can express yourself with the help of stickers. To makes chatting interesting allo is supporting stickers, emojis, doodles.
  • Reply Suggestions-You will get reply suggestion so that you can quickly respond to friends. That will save you much typing time. For example, if your friends ask you how you are? Then you will get suggestions like I am okay. I am beautiful, and I am doing well click on any one of those to respond. That is very impressive right.
  • Font Size-You can send any size of text just set the size in your text area and send it. Slide up to shout slide down to the whisper.
  • Send customized photos-Now you can customize your photos before sending it. You can add texts and emojis which you wants to make those pictures funny.

Almost a billion of users trust WhatsApp. We could not think WhatsApp without the smartphone. In this WhatsApp, the era is it possible for Google allo to win the trust of users? We cannot decide now as allo is currently emerging messenger more yet to come. We can trust allo as it is a Google product, and we have confidence that Google will make the right product for users.

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