Google Search Console, previously known as the Google webmaster tool, is a free tool by Google. It helps manage the website search traffic, fixes the URL-related issue, monitors the indexing status, etc.

Here are the few things which we can do using the Google search console-

  • Errors encountered while crawling your site’s URLs.
  • Allow you to submit the sitemap, check the status of the sitemap, and indexed URL’s
  • Which keywords are doing well for your website, page rank, impressions, etc.?
  • How many sites linked to your site.
  • Sitelinks, Data highlighter, and more.
  • Write and check the robot.txt
  • List of internal and external pages that linked your website.
  • You can demote sitelinks for the selected URL.

In shorts, you can set up your website as you want that Google will show it in search results. To avail of all these features, first, you need to configure Google Search Console.

Here are the simple steps for configuring the Google search console-

Step 1- Go to the Google search console signup page. If you already have a Google account, then you can use it otherwise create a new Google account.

Once you log in to the search console, you will have to add the domain name/property (refer below screenshot).

Here, you have two choices Domain and URL prefix.

I would highly recommend you use the Domain option because it will cover all your domain name prefixes like with/without www, HTTP/HTTPS, etc. It means you just have to put your domain name(

Once complete, please click continue to proceed.

Step 2- Next, you have to redirect to the domain verification stage. You have to visit the domain name provider and update the TXT record as provided by the Google search console. Refer to the below screenshot.

Other than this, you can verify the domain ownership using the below methods. You can use anyone who is easy for you.

  • Upload an HTML file to the site.
  • Add a meta tag to your site home page.
  • Use a Google Analytics account.
  • Use the Google tag manager account.

That’s it. You are all set to use the Google search console.

Next, you can submit the sitemap for the website. It is a very essential thing to do after configuring the search console. Once you submit the sitemap Google will start indexing the web pages of your website.


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