Exciting Hidden Features of Google Search Engine

Almost 70% of internet users use the Google search engine as a primary search engine. Most users are not aware of the hidden features that Google is capable of.

Here I am sorting out some hidden features of the Google search engine.

Google Calculator

You can use an online scientific calculator by just typing a calculator in the Google search box. This calculator will do any scientific calculation, and it is capable of identifying any constants. Also, you can translate a number from binary to any type.

Currency Converter

If you want to know the real-time currency rate, then you can find out it with a Google Currency Converter. You can just search currency converter and check the exchange rate to and from any worldwide currency.

Site Search

If you want to find any site then enter the whole site in the Google search box, it will show all results from that site only and provide one search box for searching that particular site only. You can check your blog indexing status by using this query site: your site URL.

Time Zone Converter

You can check the time of any country with respect to your time.

With this feature, you will get the current time of any country at your state time. Just type the query like 8 AM in Mumbai to London you will get the current time in London when the time in Mumbai is 8 AM.

Google Translator

You can translate any word into any other language. Just search translate on Google and you will get Google to translate.

Google Dictionary

You can search the dictionary and you will get Google Dictionary.

Local Film Timing

You can see the schedule for the current movies on Google search type the movie name followed by the city in the quest you will get the timing for that film, and this is the fastest way to know the next showtime.

Climate Information

If you want to know the weather information in your area, you can search weather and you will get the climate details.

File Type Search

If you want to search for the specific file type then you can search the query+PDF. You will get the first few results in PDF file format.

Know Your IP Address

You can search what is my IP, you will get your computer IP address.

Age Of Popular personality

If you want to know the age of your favorite personality, then search on Google name+age.

Net Worth

If you want to know the net worth of the richest people, you can directly search name+net worth.

Stock Price

If you want to know the stock price of any company, directly search company name+stock price.

Final Words

Google is trying to put the answers to your queries directly in the search results. In this way, you won’t have to open any links and do your stuff.

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