WhatsApp vs Hike: Why People Prefer WhatsApp[Comparison]?

whatsapp vs hike

In today’s world, everyone using WhatsApp, Hike, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to connect with people all over the world. This is the fundamental purpose of these social networking sites. Among all, WhatsApp is more popular than others.

When the first time I installed WhatsApp on my smartphone, I thought it will not go far. After using one month, I came to know that WhatsApp is very fast compared to other apps. Along with it, WhatsApp offers Voice calling, Video calling, etc features.

The Hike messenger, which is made in India is another alternative for WhatsApp, or we can say the best competitor for WhatsApp. You could see almost all the same features present in Hike that WhatsApp already has. Hike offers more features that WhatsApp doesn’t have yet which makes Hike different from WhatsApp.  

Let’s try to compare both WhatsApp and Hike by their features and popularity. Also, what makes both application unique? Why WhatsApp is getting more love than Hike.

WhatsApp Messenger Features

  • No advertisements in WhatsApp.
  • WhatsApp is entirely free of cost.
  • You can create multiple admins for a single group and add up to 256 friends in the group.
  • WhatsApp supports voice calls.
  • You can archive your chat for future use.
  • You can be starred in your best messages for future reading.
  • WhatsApp broadcast message feature, you can send a message to multiple friends at the same time. You can create many broadcasts.
  • You can send any document to the chat.
  • WhatsApp has desktop application, we can use it from our personal laptop.
  • End-to-End encryption will secure all your messages and not shared with the third party.
  • Now you can see the forward button for all images. You can forward a maximum 30 photos to multiple groups at a time.
  • Video Calling is active now on WhatsApp. We can now video call our friends.
  • WhatsApp Stories- This is a new feature that you have seen on Instagram. With this, you can share your stories with your friends. Every story is visible for 24 hours after that it will automatically get deleted.
  • Right Swipe to reply-This is the latest feature introduced in quick reply to the message.
  • Delete sent messages- WhatsApp allows us to delete the sent messages so that the recipient won’t see it. This feature is useful when someone sent a message by mistake.
  • WhatsApp Stickers– WhatsApp is supporting the stickers for all users.
  • Payment– WhatsApp is supporting to pay money to any other WhatsApp users. You have to create a UPI ID for it.

Here is a list of some best reasons why we should use Hike messenger as an alternative to WhatsApp. Though WhatsApp messenger is more popular, lots of people love hike messenger for some reason.

Hike Messenger Features

  • Hike allows a maximum of 100 MB file sizes to send whereas WhatsApp to allow only 16 MB file sizes to send.
  • You can send all types of Documents in Hike.
  • Hike support Themes you can change the theme exciting each conversation, to make our chat look beautiful.
  • Hike Stickers will reduce the typing effort, so more people use stickers to make chat interesting most important it’s funny to use stickers in conversation.
  • You can send messages to offline users in the hike, and this is an entirely free service that hike provides to its users.
  • You will get a notification when someone changes profile picture, update status, etc. which is not available in WhatsApp.
  • You can hide each conversation with the help of hidden mode this feature is not available in WhatsApp.
  • Hike supports to update stories like WhatsApp.
  • Hike Camera- You can click funny pictures with a Hike camera.
  • Hike News- If you want to get daily news updates, then you can subscribe to the Hike news.
  • Hike Daily-If you want a daily quote and interesting facts then you can subscribe to it. Hike daily will send you a daily quote and fun facts.

There might be new features that have been added to both the applications If will update this article regularly.

Final Words

WhatsApp Messenger is mostly used messenger all around the world.

Hike messenger is also the best alternative for WhatsApp. Its offline chat feature makes it unique. It doesn’t matter Hike vs. WhatsApp which you are using since all messengers have the same features.

Please let me know If I missed any features.

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3 thoughts on “WhatsApp vs Hike: Why People Prefer WhatsApp[Comparison]?”

  1. Hike is best
    No comparison with whatsapp
    Moreover it’s indian app use it for promoting make in india campaign
    Whereas whatsapp is an American company why shall we use it its boring………..☺☺☺

  2. The new update of Hike brings in new and exciting features that are not listed above. WhatsApp is popular but WhatsApp is nothing in comparison with Hike. Following features are available in Hike but not in WhatsApp: i)Hike Games (ii)Hike News (iii) Hike Direct (iv) Hike Daily (v) Indic languages (vi) Hike rewards(free SMS) (vii) Stories and finally (viii) Timeline (is back in new update)

    • Hi Adarsh,

      Thanks for mentioning the new features of Hike. Actually, I have not updated my article since a couple of months. I will update all the features which you have mentioned here.


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