Buffer vs. Hootsuite: Best Social Media Management Tool

Social media is a powerful medium for the promotion of your business. You can create a social profile and promote your business easily. The primary reason for promotion is to drive targeted traffic to your website and increase sales. Also, our business will reach all over the world.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn are the top social networking sites for the promotion of our business.

From the blogging perspective, one should have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn profiles to get in touch with the readers. Also, if we have new content or updates then we can easily share it on social sites.

BUT, the problem is how one can manage all social networking sites?

If you are a blogger then you might face this issue. It’s very difficult to manage all these social networking sites and publish content regularly. We can’t avoid it either as it’s crucial for our business.

What if we can handle all our social networks from a single place it will save your time for publishing the content on social sites.

By considering all the above factors, some companies developed social media management tools for us.

Hootsuite, Buffer, Sprout Social, etc are the few names that allow us to manage all your social sites from a single place, and even you can publish the content from a single dashboard.

isn’t it a good idea?

In this article, I am going to compare the two popular social media management tools Buffer vs. HootSuite, which will help you to automate the content of your social profile.


HootSuite is the most popular social media management tool. It comes in three versions free, pro, premium. The free version has some limitations as you can connect only three social profiles and also we can share limited content per month.

If you are a beginner and you don’t want to invest money in content marketing, then the free version is perfect for you. For the personal blog, we don’t need to promote our content frequently. So you can starts with the free version and connect three social profiles to promote content.

HootSuite provides us a web-based dashboard, analytics, post scheduling for the free version also.

You can check the different features for all the versions below

hootsuite pricing


  • The free version offers three social networks that are sufficient for a small blog. You can connect Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.
  • The web-based dashboard comes with comprehensive analytics.
  • Offers to the schedule of content.
  • Android, IOS apps available, you can schedule content on mobile.
  • You will get a Chrome extension for HootSuite.
  • You can send as well as receive messages from your fans in HootSuite.


  • The Pro version price is more as a small business can’t afford it.
  • The free version will provide you limited features, and even pro versions have limited features.


Buffer is another popular social media management tool. As per my experience, it offers fewer features than HootSuite. The free version of Buffer won’t allow you to post on Facebook after a limited post share. Buffer comes with three plans Pro, Premium, Business plan.

buffer pricing

Buffer pricing is more than HootSuite, and it provides a less social network to connect as well. In HootSuite, you can connect 50 social networks with less price, and in Buffer, we only connect ten social networks.


  • The free version allows us to connect three social networks for a limited period.
  • Extensions are available for browsers.
  • User-friendly dashboard.
  • You can schedule your post as every tool offers it.
  • Android, IOS applications available.


  • Free versions offer limited social network connections.
  • Pricing is high compared to others.
  • Less social networks connect with the same price that HootSuite offers.


In the above article, we have compared both the tools Buffer and Hootsuite on the basis of Plans, Pricing, and Features.

We can say that both tools have almost the same features. The Buffer pricing is a bit more than Hootsuite and also Buffer allows us to connect only 10 profiles with the same price Hootsuite offer is to connect 50 profiles.

Like I said, if you are a beginner then you can try both the tools on free plans and decide which one is best for you.

If you are a business and have more social profiles then you can go for the Hootsuite. It allows us to connect 50 profiles which are sufficient for business.

If you know of any other social media management tool, then let our readers know. If you like this article, then share this knowledge with your friends.

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