How to earn money with Hostgator Affiliate Program?

Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money from your blog. If you are a beginner in Affiliate marketing, then you can start from this post, earn money from Affiliate Marketing.

I have received my first blogging income from Dreamhost affiliate program. I was using the Dreamhost shared web hosting for my blog at the same time I was promoting the Dreamhost on my blog.

Earlier I have written about the Bluehost affiliate program, and Now I came up with Hostgator affiliate.

Hostgator is the second highest paying Affiliate program after WP Engine ($200/sign up). Hostgator will pay you a maximum $125 per sign up. The exciting thing about Hostgator affiliate program is that you will get more commission if you send more sign up per month.

So first, we will start with How to join Hostgator Affiliate program? 


Hostgator is very smart about the commission. They have implemented a unique technique(more sign up per month more commission for single sign up) for the sign-up rewards.

If you send 1-5 signups, then you will get $50 each sign-ups if you send 6-10 sign ups then you will get $75 for each sign-ups and so on. The amount of commission you get from the Hostgator affiliate is directly proportional to a number of sign-up you received per month.

hostgator affiliate program

If you look at the above calculation, you will understand that more you send referral more you will get rewarded by Hostgator. When you send them one sign up, then they check that is its valid entry or not then only you get paid so beware of the fraud.


The best thing which I like about the Hostgator Affiliate is Ads and Banners. You will get lots of stuff to promote the Hostgator hosting via email or on your blog. There are almost all types of banners available for promotion. You can pick up any banner suitable for your blog size space and promote it.

Just go to the Ads section and click on the search Ads. You will see all types of the banner. You can also filter it according to your need and pick up the best one. Get the code for your desired banners and place it wherever you want on your blog.


Hostgator offers you only EFT transfer of your amount. You need to add the banking information in the Finance>Withdrawal setting


  • The processing fee for Indian users are 760 Rupees
  • You can schedule your payment to a fixed date or fixed amount.


You can track your affiliate account performance in the Reports section. Hostgator allows us to views almost all types of report. You can export these reports to excel and send it via email to track the performance.


  • You will get paid $50 for first five referral and so on (refer figure to see further pricing)
  • You will get paid according to the status of the users who buy hosting through your referral link, status in the sense that you will not get paid for invalidating, duplicate, inactive sign-ups.
  • A wide variety of banners available for promoting on your blog.
  • The minimum threshold amount to withdraw money is $100.
  • EFT is available for HostGator payout
  • You can generate all types of a report from the dashboard itself
  • The custom coupon is available, for that mail to

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Hostgator commission conditions

  1. Active If the users Hostgator web hosting account is active during the payout, then you will get paid.
  2. Duplicate If the user’s sign up for the second time then it is considered as duplicate and you won’t get paid for such sign-ups.
  3. Canceled If the customer canceled the web hosting account, then you will not get paid.
  4. Tax form If you have not submitted your tax form to Hostgator, then your payment will not be received.

You will only get paid for active accounts otherwise not. You will get your payment in your registered bank account. Before that, you need to set a date for payment or the maximum payment amount.

Make sure that all banking information on your information is correct.

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