Before starting this article, let me tell you here I have discussed my expenses first, then the minimum amount required to purchase the particular products/services.

I had started the blogs on the other two domain names, but I decided to quit both due to insufficient bandwidth.

This post will tell you about my blogging expenses and the money required to start a blog. Blogging expenses include web hosting, domain name, email hosting, and other premium services if any.

Web Hosting

I have used BluehostDreamhostVultr, and Cloudways web hostings.

I continuously change my hosting provider to save money from the renewal pricing scam. In my recent article, I discussed the renewal pricing scam of hosting providers.

Later on, I learned about the VPS, which offers fixed pricing for the server. So, I moved my blog to Vultr VPS just for $5 per month.

I had started two more blogs, and it’s challenging to manage the server on Vultr, so I moved to Cloudways with a $10 plan.

So, currently, I am paying only $5 per month for my hosting.

If you are a beginner, there are $2.5 servers also available. You can start a blog on it as well.

Price- $.2.5 to $5 per month

Domain Name

I purchased my first domain name from GoDaddy for $8. Later on, I bought two more domain names from GoDaddy.

As Google has started the domain registrar service, I transferred my domain name to Google domain, but the pricing of Google is a bit more than another registrar. For example, it costs me $12 per year.

Currently, I have three domains on the Google domain. I am planning to transfer it to Cloudflare.

You can buy a domain name from GoDaddy just for $1 per year.

Price- $12/year/domain

Email Hosting

If you want to blog seriously, you must purchase a custom email address for your blog. There are free email hosting services available like Zoho. You can choose it, but since it is free, it offers limited features.

Recently, I have moved to GoDaddy email hosting at the very cheapest rates starting from $1/month. In addition, you can configure the email on any application so that you won’t miss any important emails.

NOTE- If you are a beginner, you can start your email account on Zoho.

Price- $1/month

Premium theme

If you are a beginner, you can start your blog on free themes, but if you want to do blogging as a career, I recommend you buy the premium theme. This will be a one-time investment.

Now, Why premium?

Everybody knows that nothing is free in this world. Every free thing has limited access. If you want to use all the features, then you can upgrade to premium.

When I started my blog, I purchased the Genesis framework for $60 and customized my theme. Later on, the GeneratePress theme came into the market, and everything changed.

I would recommend you to buy the GeneratePress theme.

The GeneratePress premium theme is the fastest WordPress theme available in the market. You can customize it as per your need with no coding skills required. The developer of this theme focused on the speed of the theme. The important thing about this theme is that you can use this theme on multiple blogs. No separate license is required.

I have purchased GeneratePress at $42 with one year of access to support.

Price – $42 one time

Total Cost

Finally, you can calculate the total money required to start a WordPress blog.

Web Hosting ($5)+ Domain Name ($1)+Email Hosting ($1)= $7

I haven’t included the theme price since it is a one-time investment. Also, there are other ad-hoc expenses that I haven’t included here since they are not monthly.

For a beginner, this is the only expense to starting a blog.

Final words

So, friends, we can say that you can start a blog with very little investment, just $7 per month.

The total amount may vary as per your blog requirements. You can purchase expensive hosting, premium domain, and theme.

This post is just for telling you the money I spend on my blog per month.

Let our readers know how much you have invested in your blog.

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