How My Blogging Passion Helped Me To Earn ₹1,00,000 [With Proof]?

I have been blogging since 2013. So it’s been more than six years since I am blogging. I have faced many ups and downs during this long journey. Some of my blogs failed, some got little success, and some are still alive.

Today, I will tell you about my blogging income so far and how my blogging passion helped me earn more than  1,00,000.

I recently wrote an article about my blogging journey, where I have written about ScrollBucks history and my financial struggle. 

As per my experience, there are two kinds of Blogger

  • Blogging for money
  • Blogging as a passion

I am the second kind of Blogger since I have a full-time job as a software engineer. I am getting enough salary for a living.

Then, why did I start blogging, and is it my passion?

First Online Income $50

Since childhood, I am very passionate about the internet and websites. So, in 2008, I was admitted to Engineering college in the Computer Science branch.

I did not get a job in college recruitment, and I graduated in 2012. I came home without any job offer. I started searching for a job, but I failed again. I was jobless for around three years.

One day, I searched online money-making techniques, and I came across one website, Bubblews which paid its users for writing articles. You can redeem the money once it reaches 50$.

In 2013, I opened an account on Bubblews and started writing articles. I earned my first $50 within a month, and I got payment through PayPal. This was my first online income ever.

Like this, I had more than 700$ pending in the account, but suddenly I got an email that your account has been blocked due to spamming activity.

I emailed the Bubblews team about this, and they replied to me with the screenshot where I commented on one post, and to pass the character limit, I added the multiple dots, which they considered spam, and blocked my account. I was very sad since the only income source stopped.


Due to the Bubblews account being blocked, I was searching for another way to earn money. During this period, I stopped searching for a job because I had very much fun doing internet-related things.

Later, I read on the internet about blogging, and I came across one blog, ShoutMeLoud. It is one of the most popular blogs in India.

While reading blogging-related articles, I realized that we could start a free blog on Blogger, and I started my first blog on Blogger in 2014.

Since I didn’t know to blog, I wrote about anything I like, but as the days passed my blogging knowledge increased. I also got a job in Infosys technology in March 2015.

In 2015, blogging became my passion, and I moved my blog to WordPress. The important thing is that I purchased the theme from ShoutMeLoud’s owner [Harsh Agarwal].

If you do the things which you love, then you will not feel that you are working.

Second Blogging Income $47

I was learning different ways to monetize a blog.

Affiliate Marketing is the best way to earn money through blogging. I have written an article about Affiliate Marketing for beginners, you can read it.

In Affiliate Marketing, we promote the products of others, and if the sale is made through our link, we will get a commission. I started promoting the blogging-related products on my blog.

Dreamhost was the first web hosting that I used and promoted on my blog as an Affiliate Marketer.

In 2016, I got one sale after a long time since my first income of $47. Of course, I had a lot of salary in my full-time job, but this 47$ smile is more than the actual salary. Below is the screenshot of my income.

Got $900 Offer

I got confidence because of my little recent success, and I started working hard on my blog. I had written more than 100 articles about blogging.

In June 2019, I received an email from one of the leading web hosting companies to promote their hosting and writing content.

They offered me 900$ for one article and one ad placement, which was more than my expectation. Initially, I thought it was fake, but the email address was looking genuine.

I had never imagined that somebody would offer such a huge amount for a single article only. So I emailed the company that I will write an article, and I will promote their hosting.

They had given me 300$ per month for three months. Below is the income proof.

Article Writing $550

After the success of my blog in 2019, I was working hard to make the articles informative and unique.

Again, I received an email in June 2019 for article writing, and they offered me $25 per article. I accepted the offer and started writing articles.

This is my third blogging income resource from paid article writing. So far, I have written 21 paid articles for almost $550 [21*25= 525 but one article they offered me for $50].

I am getting 3-4 articles per month for writing on my blog. So, I consider this is the primary income source of my blog.

Below is the income proof of some transactions.

So far, I have earned more than ₹ 1,00,000. However, I don’t know the exact amount. Also, I don’t want to add more snapshots since it would be a long image.

Google AdSense Income

Google Adsense is the first monetization technique that I tried on my blog. I earned $38 from Adsense, but I removed Adsense completely from my blog.

AdSense ads are irritating for the readers and also it will impact the page speed of the blog. So, in 2020, I decided to quit Adsense, but I will try it on some other blog in the future.

Below is the income proof of Adsense. Since the Adsense redemption limit is $100, I didn’t withdraw $38.

Other Income

Apart from advertising and article writing, I usually get an email for the paid backlinks. If the website is related to my niche, then I put the backlink for some bucks. So far, I got around $50-$100 from backlinks.

My Blogging Failure

I had started my blogging journey with MyTechnologyService[dot]com domain name. Since I had no idea about Blogging, I purchased this domain. The domain itself seems quite long and has no meaning. I used this domain name for a couple of months and decided to quit it.

The second blogging failure was with etricks[dot]org. I started this blog for technical articles, but it also failed drastically. So now, this domain is purchased by another guy, and he is writing about software.

My third blogging failure was with BollywoodPlanet[dot]in. I am very much interested in Bollywood, so I started this blog for Bollywood lovers. I was getting decent traffic, but due to insufficient time, I decided to quit this.

I have decided to write another detailed article about my blogging failure. Once I publish it, I will update the link here.

Follow Your League

Since 2014, I didn’t expect any money from Blogging. I do blogging because I love it, and it’s my passion.

If you like any job it doesn’t matter it should be great, it could be anything. So do it with your ways, and you will never regret that you haven’t done the thing you like.

If your passion becomes your job, you will never get bored doing what you love, and you will do it happily. Nobody expects the results if they are doing the things which they like.

The intention behind writing this post is to tell people that anything can happen if they have a passion for doing the thing.

And the reason why I shared the income proof is that you will think that this is my articulated story of me. 

What did I learn in 7 years of Blogging Journey?

  • In Blogging, you should have patience.
  • Don’t expect you to earn more money like others because you don’t know what situation they went through.
  • Don’t compare yourself with other bloggers. You will get demotivated.
  • Don’t expect you will get more traffic and don’t get demotivated when you don’t get the traffic.
  • Don’t use the free and pirated themes. There is nothing like free in this world.
  • Choose your niche wisely. Choose it in which you are interested, and it is recommended.
  • Buy a domain name, don’t use the free domain.
  • Don’t copy others, be unique, write unique, and stay unique.

I have written a separate article about my blogging mistakes. If you want, you can read it.

Final Words

Blogging is a long journey. If you are passionate about it, make it beautiful. If you don’t love Blogging and are attracted to it because of other bloggers’ income, I recommend you don’t do Blogging. I am sure one day you will quit blogging.

If you like the above article about my long journey, share it with your blogger friends. Also, you can share your thoughts with me via email at [email protected].

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Amit Kharbade

Editor & Writer at ScrollBucks
Software engineer by profession and Blogger by passion. Amit has been contributing to ScrollBucks since 2014. He is writing about Blogging and his practical blogging experiences. You can connect with him at [email protected]

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