How to Accept Payments with WPForms using Stripe Addon?

Do you have an eCommerce WordPress website? Are you looking for payments to accept options in WordPress? Then you are in right place.

Here, I am going to tell you about WPForms exciting feature which allows us to accept the payment for your WordPress site with the help of Stripe Addon.

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Before starting this tutorial I would like to tell you about the Stripe Payment Gateway.

Stripe Payment Gateway

Stripe is an online payment gateway, easy to process recurring payments and if required it can process the refund automatically. It is a very popular payment gateway used by many other brands for their payments.

Stripe charges a very less fee, if you are doing a transaction of less than $1 million in a year then you will get charged $2.9% + 30¢. Also, Stripe doesn’t charge the fee for refund processing.

Now, let’s start configuring the WPForms and Stripe Addon.

Install the WPForms plugin

The first step is to install and activate the WPForms WordPress plugin. Also, to accept the recurring payments we need to install the Stripe WPForms Addon.

To install the addon go to WPForms >> Addon and install the Stripe.

Create Forms

The second step is to create the form which will accept the payments. We can create different types of forms using the WPForms plugin.

For showing the demonstration, I am using the Donation form [you can create the forms as per your requirements].

To create the forms go to WPForms >> Add new

Here, I am creating the Donation form. Once you create the donation form it will look like this.

In order to accept the donations, we have to customize the form. WPForms allows us to customize the forms with very ease.

Customize the Forms

We can customize the donation form as we want. The left-hand side fields allow us to add more functionality to the forms.

Also, we can make the field changes by clicking on the field on the right-hand side. You can also rearrange the field by drag and drop feature.

To accept the payments with WPForms Stripe addon we have to add the fields for a credit card, item details, total, etc.

For sample, we have added the dropdown if the customer wants to pay one time or recurring, also added the field for the amount, and display the final amount. At, last you have to add the fields to accept the credit card details.

Once all done, you can save your form. Till now, we have just created the form which will accept the payments from customers.

Now, we have to link the stripe addon to this form.

Configure Payments with Stripe

When your form is ready, go to the Payments section [left-hand side] and click on the Stripe, remember you have installed the Stripe addon in the first step. If not, you can install it now and click on Stripe.

For one time donation, you have to configure like below

You will see the Enable Stripe Payments checkbox, you have to click on it. Enter the appropriate payment description. Select Email in Stripe Payment Receipt.

Add the donation form to your website. That’s it.

For recurring donations configure like below

You will have to do some more configuration in order to set up recurring donations or payments. Scroll down to Stripe payment settings up to the Subscription section.

Click on the Enable recurring subscription Payments checkbox, it will enable the recurring payments settings.

Plan Name- This will be the title for the subscription, you can give anything related to payment, like here we have created the donation form, so we have given Donation as Plan Name. Also, this will appear on the stripe transaction.

Recurring Period- You can choose the payment recurring period (weekly, monthly, yearly).

Customer Email- If you select the Email from the dropdown, then Stripe will able to send the notification email to the customer once they submit the form or done with payments. This is a very important setting in order to contact the customer and Stripe to work for recurring payments.

After that, you will have to configure the conditional logic, to do so, click on the checkbox Enable conditional logic. You have to configure the rule as below

Process payment as recurring if Dropdown is Monthly.

Once you have done all configuration then save the form. Before publishing it to the website, I would recommend you to test it first.

Here is the best tutorial about how to test the Stripe Payments.

You can check out more about WPForms WordPress plugin and Stripe Addon here.

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