How To Add Google Analytics Filters To Avoid Spam Traffic Tracking?

If you are getting spam traffic in analytics, then it’s difficult to find out the genuine traffic. I was getting more spam traffic from Russia. So I decided to filter out that traffic to get the exact visitors’ stats.

One way to ignore spam traffic is Google Analytics filters. If you are a beginner at Google Analytics, then read the below article.

In this article, I am telling you how to add the Google Analytics filters and all the filters which I have applied to Analytics.

Step 1: Log in to your Google Analytics account and go to the Admin tab.

google analytics admin tab

Click one of the All filters, and you will see all the filters you have applied. If you want to add a new filter, then click on the Add Filter.

Below are the criteria which I applied to filter out traffic.

  1. I am visiting daily to my blog, so I have added the filter which will exclude the traffic from my city.
  2. Since the last few days, I am getting too much spam traffic from Russia, so I have added a filter to exclude the traffic from Russia.
  3. Sometimes I have seen the Country, Operating system, Language ‘not set.’ so I have added the three different filters to exclude the not set country, Operating System, Language.

Total I have added five filters, and also I have created the customized report for my blog. I will tell you later about how to create a custom traffic report for our blog. Till now learn how to add the filter in Google Analytics.

Google Analytics Filters

Click on the Add Filter button, and you will get a filter screen. Here you have two options either you have to choose predefined and custom filter. Here I am telling you about the custom filter type.

google analytics filter for country
  1. Filter Type-Choose a custom filter type so that we can add our filters.
  2. Filter Field– Choose it on which you want to add a filter here I am adding a filter on Country, so I have selected a country like Russia. You can choose any country which you want. Also, I have chosen my city, so Analytics will not count my page views.

In this way, you can exclude all spam traffic, which is affecting the bounce rate of your blog. You can add any number of filters to it.

For my blog, I have created a custom report also. Here I am telling you how to create a custom report in Google Analytics. Click on the Customization tab. I have already created a report for my blog (ScrollBucks monthly traffic)

create a custom report in google analytics

Create a new custom report. You can add any Metric which you want to analyze. Here I have added the three metrics Pageviews, Bounce Rate, Sessions.

Later on, you can add the filters to exclude the spam traffic just like above. Finally, select the views which you have already and save them. Now you can quickly analyze the exact traffic to your blog.

Once all is done, you can create another report with other metrics and dimensions. In this way, you can analyze the traffic and your readers all around the world.

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