How to approve Google Adsense account 100% with YouTube?

Adsense rejected? Are you frustrated? Don’t Worry, we have a solution for every problem.
One myth about Google Adsense is it’s tough to get approved. This might be true, but for smart people, its just myth.
Even I have applied a few times to Adsense but unfortunately, get rejected. In the meantime, I started to join Affiliate programs instead of depending on Google Adsense. The affiliate program doesn’t have a lengthy approval process, we will get approval quickly. Also, Affiliate programs pay more than Adsense, but it required more traffic to make it more productive.
Most people prefer Google Adsense 0ver other monetization techniques as Google Adsense is the best ad network which gives you PPC(Pay Per Click) payment.
If you want to start earning with Adsense but facing a problem while approving Adsense, then this article will help you to get an Adsense account in one attempt.
approve google adsense

Seven things to do before applying Adsense

  1. Buy a custom domain name for your blog it doesn’t mean that with your default domain name you won’t apply for Adsense, but it’s better to have your domain name.
  2. Write more content on your blog before applying to Adsense. Sometimes content matter a lot, Adsense team will verify your content and decide whether to approve or not but sometimes they will approve your account with 6-7 post also. One of my friends wrote a 6-7 post in a single day and got approved by Adsense.
  3. The content of your blog must be unique, satisfy the readers need. Don’t copy content from others blog.
  4. The design of your website should be good, it is not necessary for Adsense but for safe side do it if possible. Organize all the blog accurately.
  5. If your blog is rejected by Adsense first time, then make some changes in your content or design and add some more post to your blog and then reapply.
  6. You must write the content of your blog yourself don’t copy and paste from other websites. The search engine is too smart that they will quickly identify the pirated content.
  7. Don’t use the copyrighted images in your blog; if you are using any copyrighted image, then please give proper credit to them.

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Steps to approve Google Adsense Account 100%

  • Create a Google account if you have not used your old Google account for Adsense, then you can use it.
  • Log into your Youtube account.
  • Visit YouTube Monetization.

youtube monetization

  • Click on the Enable Monetization
  • Then agree to all terms and conditions, after that you will receive mail.
  • Now upload any video in your account and wait for the upload to complete (I recommend upload any small size video so that it will not take more time).
  • Now visit YouTube Monetization and expand the How will I be paid? Click on the associate an Adsense account and click next.

associate adsense to youtube

  • Now you will be redirected to the screen to set up your Adsense account.

connect youtube to adsense

  • If you are already an Adsense member, then you can select sign in option. If you are creating a new Adsense, account you need to select create account button.

After all, sign up procedure over wait for few hours you will get an email from Google that your Adsense account approved. Now you can use this account on Youtube and your blog too.

Still, if you are facing any problem while creating Adsense account or if your Adsense account frequently rejected then let me know I will give you a suggestion which will help you to approve Adsense account.

Here are the Adsense tutorials for the beginners you can read it.

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