How to take a backup of the BlogSpot blog?

Google Blogger is a free blogging platform where we can create a blog. The Blogger provides us the way to take a backup of its data.

In case if we accidentally delete the blog we can easily restore the data with very few steps. We should always keep the backup of the blog.

In this short tutorial, I will tell you how to take backup of the BlogSpot blog.

Backup Template Settings

Log in to the Blogger dashboard and click on the template.

Click on Backup/Restore.

blogspot template download

Click on the full download template, and you will get the pop-up for saving that template, click Save.

The saved file is in XML format you can keep it on your computer, import it at any time when you need it.

Backup complete blog with data

Login to Blogger

Go to Setting >> Other

Click on the Export blog

blogspot export blog

Save the file.

In this, you are just exporting the content, i.e., only the articles, comments, etc.

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