Do you want to configure the multi-step popups for your website? 

OptinMonster is the best plugin for any popups. We can boost the conversion rate using multi-step popups.

In this tutorial, I will tell you how to create multi-step popups to increase conversations.

NOTE- OptinMonster is a premium plugin. You have to purchase it to take advantage of all its premium features.

OptinMonster helps you to create multi-step popups using two methods.

  • MonsterLinks
  • Yes/No Campaign

Method 1: Using MonsterLinks

MonsterLinks is an embeddable link that you can add to any text or button, and when readers click on it, the popup campaign will appear.

Let’s see how we can create a popup campaign.

Create Popup

Login to your OptinMonster account and click on the create a new campaign.

Now, select the popup campaign type.

Now, you will have to choose the predefined template for your campaign.

You can prefer the mobile-optimized templates if you are getting more traffic from mobile devices.

Also, you can filter the templates using the goal types.

You can create the popup from scratch and choose the canvas template and design the pop-up that suits your website.

Give the popup campaign name and select the website on which you will run this campaign.

Design Popup

Your popup will open in OptinMonster editor. You have to customize as per your need.

You can modify each block in OptinMonster. For example, change the text, Add blocks, update the opt-in forms, and customize the button.

You can drag and drop the blocks from the left side menu and prepare your popup campaign.

You need to update the success page. Then, depending on the campaign’s goal, once you complete all the customization and thank you pages, its Time to set up the display rule for our campaign.

Add MonsterLink

We have to display our popup when the user clicks the link.

Click on Display Rules, the default display rule will be Time on-page, but you can change it from the dropdown. First, choose MonsterLink (On Click). 

Once you select the MonsterLink, you will get the new screen to Copy MonsterLink Code, that is, you simply need to copy the link and you can add this link wherever you want to show the popup.

The link will look like this

<a href=”” target=”_blank”>Click Me!</a>

BUT, you can select only the URL from the link and embed it. This will also work fine.

Now, you can save and publish the campaign.

Method 2: Using a Yes/No Campaign

We can use the yes/no campaign to create multi-step popups. In this campaign, we will ask users yes/no type questions, and if they select yes, we will display the popup.

This is similar to MonsterLinks. The users are more likely to opt-in because they have already started the process.

Create Multi-Step Popup

This is a very similar method to MonsterLinks. First, you can create the popup. Then, you can use the above method to create the popup.

Add Yes/No Button

Now, you can add the yes/no button to your campaign.

Now, you can enable the yes/no button.

Now, then the popup page customization screen will appear.

Now, here you can customize your campaign as we did for MonsterLinks. You can update your questions and the most important is the button.

You can click on any button to customize it.

If you scroll down from the left side customization bar, you will see more option to customize buttons.

  • Regular: To change the appearance of your button in the campaign.
  • Hover: Change the hover effects.
  • Action: Action on click.

The button click action is significant. OptinMonster allows us different types of actions.

You have to decide the action properly for yes/no buttons. Here is how the yes/no popup will look like.

Set Display Rules

Like we set the display rule for MonsterLink, you can choose how your yes/no campaign will display.

By default, the display rule is set to time on a page at least 5 seconds, showing on every page.

You can choose the Exit-Intent technology, which displays your multi-step popup when a user tries to leave your site. You can refer to the below article to set the exit intent display rule in OptinMonster.


If you want to grow your email list, you can choose OptinMonster. It has many features which will surely give you a result.

You can purchase the OptinMonster WordPress Plugin.

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