How to Boost Site Speed By Hosting gtag.js Locally?

Google confirms that the Core Web Vitals will be the important ranking factor from May 2021. Google will prefer the fastest website on the first page.

Many factors affect website speed, like heavy images, scripts, etc. If you don’t know, let me tell you that Google Analytics script will slow down website speed, so does Adsense script.

In my recent article, I have mentioned how we can install Google Analytics Global Site Tag In WordPress (Gtag.Js). In addition, we have used the MonsterInsights WordPress plugin.

MonsterInsights is a Google Analytics WordPress plugin that will give you insights into your website in the WordPress dashboard. The best thing about it is we can get more insights than Google Analytics, and if we upgrade the plugin, we will get premium features.

This article will see how MonsterInsights will help load the Gtag.Js script faster by hosting it locally.

MonsterInsights 7.18 Update

If you are a MonsterInsights user, then you would have received the latest update. Instead, it has released its 7.18 version.

By keeping Core Web Vitals in mind, MonsterInsights focused on reducing the loading speed of the Gtag.Js script. They have updated the Performance Addon and given the option to host the Gtag.Js script locally on your server. Ultimately you would reduce the external calls, and the website will load fast.

By default, Google has a two-hour cache time, but by hosting the script locally, you can have full control on caching of the file, which will again reduce the website’s loading time.

The MonsterInsights performance addon will automatically fetch the latest Gtag.Js from Google every 24hrs.

NOTE- MonsterInsights is a free plugin, but if you want to use the premium features, you would need to buy it.

MonsterInsights is available in three different plans plus, pro, agency. Again, you can refer to the pricing table.

Final Words

MonsterInsights is not just an analytics plugin. It has many other features like Scroll Depth Tracking, Author Tracking, WooCommerce Analytics, File download tracking, etc. You can also monitor your website speed, and now with the latest release, you can increase website speed as well.

If you are a business and want all one solution for analytics, then you must go for MosnterInsights.

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