How to Boost Your Conversions with Mobile Exit-Intent On OptinMonster?

Do you have any strategy when the readers are leaving your website? How can you make them stay? 

OptinMonster is a powerful lead generation WordPress plugin. We can easily capture email addresses and increase website conversions.

OptinMonster has a solution when the readers are going to leave your website, and you can give them the reason to stay back.

OptinMonster has introduced the new feature mobile exit-intent using which you can let the leaving readers perform some action by triggering the events.

In this article, I am going to tell you about the mobile exit-intent feature of OptinMonster.

Triggering Exit-Intent on Mobile Devices

The mobile exit-intent feature of OptinMonster has been designed to work on mobile devices. This feature is very smart enough to read the mind of users’ activities.

Let me explain simply.

When you are searching for content on a mobile device, you end up on the website on which the information is not available, and you are looking for or not having sufficient information. In this case, you scroll up the page fast or click on the back button.

This means you are going to leave that page and search for another one. OptinMonster is smart to capture such events when a fast scroll up found or back button is triggered.

OptinMonster was designed to track the two events

  • Scroll up trigger
  • Back button trigger

Scroll Up Trigger

When readers are scrolling up fast, then it means that they might be planning to leave the website. We can give them a reason to stay back.

We can enable the mobile exit-intent to scroll up a trigger in OptinMonster to your mobile campaign.

You can enable this by navigating display rules, adding the condition id exit detected and enabling the Exit Intent® Sensitivity of either Low or Medium.

Back Button Trigger

When the readers are about to leave your website, by clicking the back button, you can enable the exit intent.

The mobile exit intent has been triggered when the back button is included when you choose the Exit Intent® Sensitivity to High.

By using the mobile exit intent feature, we can easily convert the leaving visitors to email subscribers.

Here is how mobile exit-intent looks like.

Mobile exit-intent is perfect for

  • Growing email subscribers
  • Boosting sales
  • Increasing affiliate marketing sales

Triggering Exit-Intent On Desktop

If you want to add the mobile exit intent feature for the already created campaign, you can add it.

OptinMonster allows us to edit the already created campaign and update it.

Go to the OptinMonster dashboard and click on the Edit campaign icon(refer below screenshot).

Go to Display Rules.

Now, you can check the exit detected setting. You can set it for mobile, desktop or both.

If you want to set the mobile exit intent feature for both mobile and desktop, then you can choose it as on all devices.

The mobile exit-intent trigger will change according to the sensitivity you set. For example, low and Medium sensitivity will create a scroll up the trigger, whereas High sensitivity will create a back button trigger.

So if you want to have Medium sensitivity for desktop but a back button exit-intent trigger for mobile, you’ll need to create two separate conditions

  • One for desktop set to Medium
  • One for the mobile set to High

You can customize all the conditions as per the requirement, it allows you to moderate your campaign accordingly.

Here is the video tutorial for setting the mobile exit intent feature for your website.

To enable the mobile exit-intent feature, you need to have the premium version of the OptinMonster plugin.

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