How to change the WordPress login URL using WPS hide login plugin?

Have you seen thousands of login attempts on your blog?

This is due to, internet bots and hackers want to log in to your blog. They can do this because for WordPress all the users have the same login pattern as

Blog URL/wp-admin

Due to this, anyone can try to log in to your blog. What can one do to improve the security of a WordPress blog?

Wait, I have a solution for this, you can change the login URL of the WordPress blog using the WPS hide login plugin.

Now, you might be thinking that, how can we do this. Here is a brief tutorial for this.

First, you need to install the WPS hide login WordPress plugin from the store.

Now, go to Setting>WPS hide login

WPS Hide Login

Now, you need to change the URL and save it. Next time when you will log in to WordPress, make sure that you would remember this URL.

That’s it. You can make your WordPress blog more secure than before using this plugin. Here are some useful tutorials.


  1. Your post was really amazing and informative.
    As the problem you mentioned is a very common
    problem and almost everyone is facing the same.
    Well I am using i Themes security which gives me
    this feature. But if someone don’t want to use
    i Themes then the plugin you recommended will be
    best for him/her.

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