How to choose a professional email address?

Email address is an online identity that will be with you for many years. Nowadays, Emailing is the best way to communicate with people. For creating an online account we must have to have an email address. It is also the first choice in the corporate environment. All the work, communications happens over email.

Many email service providers allow you to create a personal email address for free. Have you ever think, what should be the ideal email address? Which email address is considered professional?

My favorite email address is FirstName+LastName. Though it is not possible to get this type of email address, we can check it with all the email service providers, still, if we did not get it then we have to try other options.

Here are the things which should follow for choosing the email address.

  • Choosing an email service provider
  • Keep it simple
  • Don’t add numbers(if possible)

Choosing an email service provider

Our first choice is to create an email address in Gmail. We can not think of emails without Gmail. Apart from Gmail, there are Outlook, Yahoo, iCloud provide free email services to their users. These all are the trusted email service providers we can choose from.

I personally use Outlook since my desired email address was not available on Gmail. Though, I have an account on Gmail for blogging purposes.

Keep it simple

Try to keep the email address simple and short. It’s a good idea to choose If your name is common then there are fewer chances to get this type of email address. Here are the examples of sample email addresses


Your email address should be easy to remember. Don’t include complicated words that are not related to you.

Don’t add a number

If you do not get the desired email address then people try to add the numbers in the email address to make it unique. Instead of adding numbers, you could use the initials like


Also, if you are no getting the desired email address then you can search from other service providers. If you add the numbers to an email address, then it is tough for people to remember it.

Business email addresses

If you have your own business or blog, then you will easily get an email address you want but have ever think what would be a good email address for business?

I will suggest a few email addresses for your business


You can choose any email address you want for the business. Try to keep it in one word so that people will easily remember it.

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