WPForms is the popular WordPress plugin for creating various types of forms. For example, you can create file upload forms, order forms, multi-page forms, etc. Also, we can add reCAPTCHA to forms.

WPForms has different addons like PayPal, Stripe to accept the payment. So we can say that WPForms is all in one plugin to create all types of forms required for online businesses.

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WPForms has announced the Salesforce addon, which automatically sends your WPForms entries to Salesforce CRM. So if you are ever required to send all the contact data to Salesforce, this plugin will do the task. Also, the best part is that you don’t have to pay for any other paid service if you are using any.

NOTE- WPForms Salesforce addon is available for the Elite plan. If you want to use it, you will have to purchase the WPForms WordPress plugin.

Automatically Create Salesforce Objects

If you want to create the object when the readers submitted the forms, you can easily do this using WPForms. In addition, it can be done automatically using the new Salesforce addon.

Lets see how we can create the objects.

When you create any forms then you can go to the form’s setting and there you can choose the Salesforce option.

First, you will have to connect your Salesforce account to WPForms.

You can choose any object you want, here we are creating the contact object. After that, you will have to map the form’s field with the Salesforce fields.

Once you mapped all the fields, then you will have to use the conditional logic to sort out which entry to go to Salesforce.

Once you are done with all these setups, your forms entries will copy to Salesforce CRM. Thus, you don’t have to do manual work to copy all your data to Salesforce.

The benefit of using the WPForms Salesforce addon is

  • You can connect multiple Salesforce account to WPForms.
  • You can use Salesforce for any WordPress form.

Right now, the Salesforce addon is available for the WPForms Elite plan. Check out the pricing here.


WPForms allows us to create different types of forms and support multiple addons which will help the business to grow. If you are looking for all in one solution for WordPress forms then you can definitely go for WPForms.

If you have any doubts then you can start using the WPForms free plugin and if you are satisfied with it then you can upgrade it later.

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