The best way to promote your products and services is through popup coupons. You can directly target your audience while they are reading about your products.

But, just showing a coupon popup is not enough. You would have to display it at the right time to the right customer, which seems quite complicated.

Don’t worry,

OptinMonster will help you create a coupon popup for your website that will dynamically display it to the right customer. This way, you can increase the probability of sales.

OptinMonster offers many features like smart tags, mobile exit intent, countdown timer popup, multi-step popup, spin to win, etc. You can customize your campaign the way to want. You will get many options for customizations.

OptinMonster is the best WordPress plugin for lead generation, increasing conversion, and growing your email list. You can create an attention-grabbing campaign that will help your business to make more sales.

NOTE- OptinMonster is a paid WordPress plugin. If you want to use its premium features, you can buy it with 14 days of the money-back guarantee.

In this tutorial, I will teach you to create coupon popups for your WordPress website using OptinMonster.

Install OptinMonster Plugin

The first step is to install and activate the OptinMonster WordPress plugin. It’s a paid WordPress plugin.

Create a Campaign

Once you purchase the OptinMonster, then log in to the OptinMonster account and open the dashboard. Click on the Create Campaign button.

Next, you would have to choose the Campaign Type. OptinMonster support different types of campaign. For this tutorial, we will choose the Popup Campaign Type.

Choose Template

You have to choose the template for your campaign. To make your work easier, OptinMonster provides a predefined template that we can use to avoid more effort in designing. If you want to design it from scratch, then you can also get an option by choosing the Canvas template. 

OptinMonster has all types of templates depending on your user base. If you have more mobile visitors, you can filter the templates depending on the Desktop/Tablet or use Mobile Optimized.

For this tutorial, we are using the Coupon template.

Next, provide the campaign name and website on which you are going to display this campaign.

Click on Start Building.

Customize Popup Coupon

It’s time to customize your popup coupon campaign. OptinMonster provides a very powerful drag and drop builder.

You can click on any component and get the customization options to the left side panel. For example, you can add images, text, buttons, etc. OptinMonster allows us many customization options that we will not go in-depth here.

If you want to add any components, then simply you can drag and drop wherever required.

For this coupon campaign, you should add an eye-catching heading so that the readers will opt for it.

If you want to add the image to your popup campaign, you can click on the +Add Blocks button and drag and drop the image to the live preview.

You can add an attractive image to your popup so that the user shall click on it. You will get lots of free images online.

NOTE- There are lots of things that you can do while customizing your popup campaign. It is not possible to write in one article.

Set Up Delivery of Your Coupon Code

When the readers opt-in for your coupon, as promised, you should deliver the coupon for it. There are different ways by which you can deliver the coupon code.

You can display the coupon code immediately via success view or deliver the code via email, but for this, you have to configure the email service provider.

The success view is set as default, and you can customize the success view like you designed your popup campaign.

You can add the redirect URL, go to Button, and click on the Action if you want.

You will get the Form Success Action dropdown from which you can choose the method Redirect to a URL.

Publish Popup Campaign

Now, you are all set to publish your Coupon Popup Campaign.

Click on the status button to activate your newly created campaign. You can also deactivate it by clicking on the same.

BUT wait, when will your campaign display on your website?

For this, we have to set up the display rules for our campaign.

Configure the Display Rules

Display Rules is a great feature of OptinMonster, by which you can easily display the right campaign to the right users.

If you want to display your Coupon Popup Campaign to all the users when they stay on your website at a specific time.

Go to the Display Rules and choose a time on the page, and from the dropdown, choose your required value. The above screenshot we have selected is immediate.

Along with this, you can add other rules as well. Click on the add new rule.

Choose if the visitor is new so that your campaign will display immediately to the new users.

Once you set all the rules, then save it.

BONUS- If you want to display your campaign when users are about to leave your page, then you can set up the exit-intent feature of OptinMonster. Refer to the below guide.

In the below section, you will learn how to create coupon codes with WooCommerce and Shopify.

Create Coupon Code with WooCommerce

If you want to create a coupon code for your products and services, you can create it with WooCommerce and Shopify.

Sign up for WooCommerce using your WordPress account. Once you have created an account, then install the WooCommerce WordPress plugin.

In the WordPress dashboard, go to WooCommerce and click Extensions.

Search for the URL Coupons, you need to purchase this coupon.

Once you purchased the coupon, open the coupon section.

Click on the Add coupon.

Here, you can create unique URLs for your coupons. This URL you need to put in your OptinMonster Coupon Popup campaign.

You will have to navigate to Action and in the Redirect URL, you can paste the unique code URL.

Your campaign will look like this. Once the user will click on the start now button, the coupon code will automatically apply.

Create Coupon Code With Shopify

Another way to create a coupon using Shopify. Assuming that you have a Shopify account, if you don’t have you can create one.

From the left side menu click on the Discounts and Create Discounts.

You will get two choices to created your discounts Discount code or an Automatic discount. For this tutorial, we will go for the discount code.

On the next screen, you can customize your discount as per your requirements.

When you are done with your changes, you can choose the start and end date for the discount or coupon code.

Click on the save discount code. You will get a shareable link, click on it.

Copy the Shareable link and paste it to your OptinMonster Campaign.

In the Redirect URL, you will have to paste the link of your Shopify coupon.

That’s it. In this way, you can create coupons using WooCommerce and Shopify.

Final Words

OptinMonster will help you to grow your email list and increase sales using its smart techniques.

You can create different popup campaigns, notification bar, spin to win a campaign, mobile exit-intent feature, etc., using OptinMonster.

If you are a business and want to get more sales, you can purchase the OptinMonster premium plugin.

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