How to Create Countdown Timer Popup for Sale Growth using OptinMonster?

Do you want to create an online countdown timer popup for your WordPress website? 

The countdown timer popup will help you display the discount on the upcoming sales of your business. In addition, you can easily display it on your website using OptinMonster WordPress plugin.

OptinMonster will help you to set up the Countdown Timer Popup for your website. It will help you to increase sales and also grow your email lists.

OptinMonster plugin has many other features like Mobile Exit Intent, Multi-Step Popups, Content Locking, Notification Bars, Spin To Win Campaign, etc., which will help you grow your email list.

In this tutorial, I will tell you how to create an Online Countdown Timer Popup using OptinMonster.

Install OptinMonster Plugin

The first step is to install and activate the OptinMonster WordPress plugin. The OptinMonster is a paid WordPress plugin. You can purchase it to use all the premium features.

Once you purchase the OptinMonster, then log in to the OptinMonster account and open the dashboard. Click on the Create Campaign button.

We have to create a Floating Bar campaign, click on it.

Next, choose the Countdown template.

OptinMonster has many predefined templates available, you can use it for different purposes.

Next, you have to enter the Campaign name and choose the website on which you are going to display the Countdown Timer Popup.

Once done, click on the start building.

Display Setting For popup

Where will your countdown timer popup display

We have to configure the display setting for countdown timer popup.

The default setting for the Floating Bar campaign is to display it at the bottom of your website.

If you want to display the Countdown Timer on top of your website, click on the Display Setting and turn on the Load Floating Bar at the top of the Page option (refer to the above screenshot).

Set the End Date/Time

You are going to display the upcoming sale or discount of your product. You must have to set the end date for it. So the countdown timer will display for that period only.

You can set the end date and time for your campaign. To change it, click on the timer in live preview and update the time as per your requirement.

The very important part is to set the Type as Static so that all the visitor will see the exact same time.

Set the date and time of your discount/sale end date.

Customize floating bar

You can customize the floating bar as you want. If you want to change any component, you can click on that component, and to the left-hand side, you will get all customization options.

For this tutorial, we will not go through all the customization, but you will get an idea of customising any campaign with OptinMonster.

Change the countdown timer.

Click on the countdown timer. You can see the customization option to the left-hand side.

We can change the Background Colour.

You can change the text by clicking on it.

Like this way, you can click on the button and change the button text, color etc.

Success view

When the user subscribes to our newsletter then we have to show some message, we can change it by clicking on the Success tab.

Update your message and save it.

The above screenshot is to display the coupon code when the user opt-in for your newsletter.

Connect to Email Service

The next step is to connect with the email service provider so that we can easily collect the email addresses when the user opt-in for our newsletter.

The OptinMonster supports all the email services providers. For this tutorial, I will show you how to connect the Constant Contact email service provider.

Click on the Integration tab.

Click Add New Integration.

Now, you have to choose the your email service provider.

Now, register for the selected email service. It will be redirected to your service provider screen.

You have to enter the credentials and allow access to OptinMonster to use your account.

Once you allow it, you will be redirected back to the OptinMonster screen, and here you have to enter the label so that you can easily understand the purpose for this and connect the account.

OptinMonster will fetch the email list which you have created in your email service provider account.

You have to choose in which email list you want to collect the email addresses.

Finally, you have to Save the Campaign.

Configure the Display Rule

The final step is to configure the display rule for your campaign. The display rule will help you easily set up when and to whom our campaign will be visible.

Go to the Display Rule tab and display your floating bar on or before the date.

Like this, we can add more rules.

In the next condition, we want to display this floating bar to the shop page only, then we can apply the filter like this.

When the readers will land on the page then your campaign will display.

Once you all set all your display rules, then you can save your campaign and publish it.

You can visit your shop page and verify your campaign.

Final Words

OptinMonster will help you to grow your email list and increase sales using its intelligent techniques. If you are a business and want to get more sales, you can purchase the OptinMonster premium plugin.

You can purchase the OptinMonster WordPress Plugin.

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