Which method do you prefer to inform the readers about the new updates of your website?

Some people use the email newsletter, some take the help of social media, and some use the blog to publish the updates.


In all the above cases, there might be possibilities that some users will miss the updates because they have not subscribed to the email list or have not followed your business on social sites, etc.

What will be the easiest way to do that? 

The website notification bar is the best and easiest way to inform readers about the new updates about your business.

This article will teach you about the website notification bar and how you can install it on your blog using OptinMonster.

Website Notification Bar

Website Notification Bar is a small sticky banner placed at the top of your website to inform the new updates of your business.

If you haven’t heard about it before, here is an example of a notification bar.

We can use the notification bar for different purposes.

  • Displaying the Promotional offer for services
  • Growing email list
  • Showing the updates of your business
  • Changes in the privacy policy of the business

NOTE-You will have to purchase the OptinMonster premium plugin to take advantage of its all premium features along with the website notification bar.

OptinMonster- Website notification bar

If you want to create the website notification bar for your website, then log in to OptinMonster.

Once you log in, click on the Create New Campaign, present at the top right corner.

You will have to choose the Campaign Type. OptinMonster supports different types of Campaigns like Popup, FullScreen, Slide-in, Floating Bar, Inline, etc.

Here, we are creating the website notification bar so that we will go for the Floating Bar.

Once you choose the floating bar, you will have to choose the template for it. OptinMonster has more than 50 different types of predefined templates to avoid your designing efforts.

If you want to design the template then you can choose the Canvas template and start designing your own template.

Once you choose your template, it will open in OptinMonster editor.

Change position

By default, the notification bar is placed at the bottom of the page. You can change the position of it.

Go to Floating Setting on the left-hand side editor. You will see the option Load floating bar at top of the page.

Change Content

If you want to change the content of the campaign or change the default text, you can do it with OptinMonster’s easy-to-use campaign editor.

Just click on the text you want to modify and you can change it.

Change Button

If you want to customize the button of the website notification bar, then OptinMonster allows us different types of customization for buttons.

You can change the width, alignment, color, icon, border, etc.

What will happen when the user clicks on the button? We will have to set up the call to action for the button.

To set up the call to action, go to the button setting, click on the Action.

Here, you will have to put the redirect URL.

That’s it. Now, your website notification bar is ready to publish. But, first, you will have to do a display setting for the notification bar.

Click on the display setting, here you can set up when your notification bar display when users visit your website.

By default, your campaign will appear to visitors who are on your page for 5 seconds or longer. You can change it to immediate for better results.

Now, you can save all settings and publish your campaign.

Final Words

Website Notification Bar is very useful to tell users about your new updates about the business, and it’s the quickest way to spread your updates.

OptinMonster allows us many features to make the website notification bar better. In addition, it allows us different customization options and is easy to configuration.

If you want to grow your business, grow an email list, and drive more traffic to your website, I recommend purchasing the OptinMonster plugin.

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