How to create file upload forms in WordPress using WPForms?

Recently I have written a few articles about WPForms and its features. WPForms is capable of doing almost all the things that are necessary for a form plugin.

WPForms allow users to enable the file upload, accept recurring payment, Stripe integration, Signature form, Survey form, etc.

For the newcomers, here are all the articles about WPForms. You can read it to get more ideas about what WPForms is capable of.

In this article, I will discuss the file upload feature of WPForms. But, first, let’s see how to enable the file upload feature of WPForms.

Why do we require file upload in forms?

We can create different types of forms using WPForms. The purpose of each form can be other, like collect the user’s information, billing details, subscription, etc.

If we have the file upload feature for the forms, we can quickly collect more information from the users.

Here are the few reasons why we need to have a file upload feature in forms

Customer support form – If the business provides support to their customer, they can create a form for users to contact them if any issue/error occurred in their services. Users can easily attach screenshots of the issue so that the support person can quickly understand it.

Job Application – The job request form must require the file upload feature since the job seeker can submit the information and upload the resume to the application.

Guest post request through forms- Bloggers create the form for guest posts request. Along with the information, users need the submit the sample guest post from the users. In that case, we need the file upload feature to upload the sample in any format easily.

Along with the above reason, sometimes user need to send the audio, video, images to the

WPForms plugin makes you upload all types of file formats. Here are the supporting file formats.

  • Documents (.doc, .xls, .ppt, and .pdf)
  • Images (.png, .gif, and .jpg)
  • Video (.mpg, .mov, and .wmv)
  • Audio (.wav, .mp3, and .mp4)

Create file upload form

The first thing is to install and activate the WPForms WordPress plugin.

Once you have activated the WPForms plugin, it’s time to create the file upload form.

Next, go to WPForms» Add New to create a new form.

You will see default templates which you can refer to create the form.

Now, scroll down to the additional templates and search for the file upload form and open the template.

NOTE- Additional template is a premium addon of WPForms. To activate the additional template you need to buy a premium version of WPForms.

Once you purchased the WPForms premium, all the premium features will be get activated.

Once you open the file upload form, you will get a default form with a file upload feature in the form builder screen.

You can customize your form by drag and drop the elements. By default, you will have the name, email, phone, and file upload. You can add remove the fields as per your form need.

You can add the file upload field in any form, you will see the file upload in the fancy fields section.

You can also customize the file upload field, click on the field, change the label, description, allowed file extensions, maximum file size to upload, necessary condition, style, etc.

File storage location

When the user submits the file upload form with attachment by default, it is stored in the WPForms folder inside uploads.

You can also change the storage location to the WordPress media library. You have to check the box Store file in WordPress Media Library under advanced options.

Classic File Upload Field 

You can switch to the classic file upload field from the default modern style. Navigate to Advanced Options » Style and click on the Dropdown to select Classic.

Customize file upload form setting

To customize your file upload form, go to Settings » General.

For example, you can configure the following.

  • Form name and description
  • Submit button text
  • Spam prevention- Enable the anti-spam feature to prevent automatic spambot submission.
  • GDPR Enhancement- You can disable the storing information of users to comply with the GDPR requirement.

Configure form notification

When someone submits the file upload form, you will get the notification through email. Although by default it is enabled, you can disable it from the setting.

To disable the notification, go to Setting » Notification and turn it off.

Configure form upload confirmation

You can let the user know the Confirmation of the successful form submission. WPForms supports the three different kinds of Confirmation.

Message- This is the default confirmation message that displays after the form submission. You can customize the message.

Display page- You can display a customized page after the file upload form submission.

Redirect– You can redirect the users when they submit the form to the new URL.

To configure the confirmation message, click on the Confirmation in the form editor under the setting.

Choose the confirmation type and customize the message as per your needs. You can add the URL to the new page.

Add form to WordPress

The final step is to add the file upload form to your WordPress. Then, you can add them to your posts, pages, etc.

In the post/page editor, click on the add block and choose WPForms, or you will directly see the WPForms icon.

Choose your form from the dropdown (in this case file upload form). Save the changes.

View the files

You can view all your submitted files in WPForms » Entries.

Click on the view to see the file. You can also download the files by clicking on the link.

Final thoughts

File upload is an essential feature for forms. WPForms is the best WordPress plugin that will offer you the file upload feature. To enable the file upload feature, you must have the premium version of WPForms.

It’s effortless to configure and check the file uploads using WPForms.

If you are using WPForms then share your experience with us and if you like this article then share it on social media.

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