How to create a ShareASale Affiliate Account?

ShareASale Affiliate

In this short tutorial, you will learn about creating the ShareASale account. I will explain all the steps involved in a sign-up process with snapshots.

Creating a ShareASale Affiliate account included five steps in which you have to fill in all the details information about you and your website.

Login details

Register at ShareASale Affiliate here

Fill out the standard terms Username, Password, and Country. Here you have to choose the unique username and password for your Affiliate account. The country is the place where you are living now. I would suggest you choose your blog name as Username so that you will quickly understand and it will look like a professional account.

Once you are all done then, move to the second step.

Primary Website Information

In this section, you will have to fill out your site information.

You have to provide the site information where you are going to promote the products. Once you are all done with the signup, you can add many other websites.

Email Address and Confirmation

The next step is to add your email address and verify it. Once you add your email address, the ShareASale team will send you the confirmation mail. You can either click on the link given in the mail or place a custom code in your head tag to verify your account.

Contact information

In this section, you have to fill out all the contact details for yourself. In the description section, you should write a few lines about your website like what is your site about.

Finally, you should verify the domain authority which you have added in section two.

Payment method

The final step is to add the payment method to your account. You can either choose postal mail or federal express. You can add a payment method during sign up or later on you can change it from your ShareASale Affiliate dashboard.

Once you select the payment method, then complete the signup. Your affiliate application will submit for review.

The ShareASale team will review your application, and it will take 1-2 business days. Once they complete the process, you will get mail from ShareASale whether your application gets approved or rejected.

Once your application gets approved, you will have to find out the products and promote them on your website.

I have written an article about ShareASale Affiliate Network, you can refer to it.

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  1. to join shareAsale is there some requirements like minimum traffic or any other? i am a new blogger and interested in affiliate marketing.


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