How To Create Spin To Win Campaigns In WooCommerce And Shopify?

Do you want to add the Spin To Win Optin form to your WordPress site?

The spin to win is an interesting and engaging game that we add to signup forms to increase the readers’ engagement. In addition, by using gamified Optin forms, we can easily increase the conversion rate.

OptinMonster allows us to create the Coupon Wheel Campaign by adding the spin to win opt-in forms on our sites.

NOTE- To access the Coupon Wheel Campaign feature, you should have at least OptinMonster Growth Plan.

In this article, I will tell you about spin-to-win opt-in forms and how we can add them to the signup forms to make the forms very interesting to get more conversions.

Install OptinMonster Plugin

The first step is to install and activate the OptinMonster WordPress plugin. Then, if you want to use the spin-to-win campaign, you need to purchase the OptinMonster Growth Plan.

You can use the below link to get the special discount.

Once you activated the OptinMonster plugin, go to the OptinMonster dashboard.

Click on the Connect Your Account. You will be redirected to the OptinMonster website and connect your account, which you have purchased.

Create a Coupon Wheel Campaign

Once you log in to the OptinMonster Campaign Dashboard, you can create the new campaign by clicking to create a new campaign.

Next, you will have to choose the campaign type, here we are using the FullScreen.

Next, you have to choose the campaign template. Here we are using the Coupon Wheel. Again, you will see few default templates, and all are highly customizable.

By default, you will see three different templates for the coupon wheel. Choose your favorite one.

Next, you will have to provide the campaign name and the site on which you are going to run this campaign.

Click on the Start Building.

Design Your Campaign

Now, you can customize your campaign. You can change the color, text, and all the editable factors by just clicking on the elements.

You can also change the wheel sections, just click on the wheel and add your options and discounts.

Once the customization is complete, you can save the campaign.

Set The Display Rules

Now, you need to add the display rules to your campaign. OptinMonster offers very powerful display rules where you can decide when your campaign is visible to readers.

For this tutorial, we are displaying the campaign when the readers are leaving the checkout page. You can refer to the below screenshot.

The above campaign will display when the visitor has visited the URL path that matches checkout (checkout is the page URL, you can add yours as per the requirement).

OptinMonster supports the exit intent feature by which you can trigger the events at a specific time. Here, we will add the exit detected.

When both the condition is met then the campaign will trigger.

Add Integration

So far, we have created and designed our campaign and set the display rules. Now, we have to add the integration to collect the email addresses of the subscribers.

To start collecting the emails, click on the Add New Integration.

You can choose your desired email provider here. For this tutorial, we will use Constant Contact.

If you are doing this first time for any email provider, you will need to connect to the email service first.

Click on the Register with Constant Contact, and you will be redirected to the constant contact site for access requests.

Log in to Constant Contact and give access to OptinMonster.

You can add the label so that you can identify the Constant Contact integration, this will be used for internal purposes only.

Click on the Connect to Constant Contact and choose your email list.

Connect Google Analytics

To track the performance of the coupon wheel campaign, we need to connect to Google Analytics.

If this is your first time, you can choose from the Non-Active Connections, and you will see Google Analytics. Click on the Connect.

If you have added Google Analytics, choose the connection from the dropdown; otherwise, click on the Add a new Google Connection.

Then click on the Generate Authentication Code.

Now, you will get the pop-up screen to connect Google Analytics to OptinMonster.

On the next screen, you will get the authentication code, you can copy that code, you will need it in the next step.

Now, you got the authentication code, go back to the campaign builder, and paste your code. Also, you can provide the label for this integration.

On the next screen, you will have to choose the website profile for Google Analytics. You can choose All Website Data, it is recommended.

Once you are done with your configuration, save the campaign.

Publish Your Campaign

Now, it’s time to publish your coupon wheel campaign. OptinMonster provides you different ways to publish the campaign.

From the publish tab you can make the campaign live and save it.

Now, your campaign is live, and you can collect the email addresses of subscribers. Also, you can track the performance of this campaign in Google Analytics.

In this way, you can add the spin-to-win campaign to your site.

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