How To Create Surveys and Polls Forms In WordPress?

WPForms is the best free WordPress form plugin. You can create different forms like contact, donation, payment, survey, newsletter, registration, etc. Also, you can integrate different types of addons like PayPal, Stripe, Mailchimp, Aweber, etc., to make your form more responsive.

In this tutorial, you will learn about how to create surveys and polls in WordPress using WPForms.

Install WPForms

The first step is to install and activate the WPForms WordPress plugin. It is a free plugin, but if you want to use the premium features, you need to upgrade it. You can check out the pricing below.

Activate surveys and polls addon

The next step is to activate the surveys and polls addon, to do so navigate to WPForms » Addons and search for surveys and polls, click on install addon.

Create Survey Form

You can create the survey form by navigating to WPForms » Add New. Search for the survey form and click on create form.

You will get the customization screen with few in-built fields. You can customize it as you want.

If you want to edit any field, click on that field, and you will get a customization option to the left side panel.

Once you complete your form customization, you can add survey and polls form anywhere in WordPress. Below are some of the features of the survey form which make it unique from the WordPress form industry.

Smart Survey Fields

This is an interesting feature of the survey form. If you are creating a survey form, then you don’t need an extra setup. All the existing fields of WPForms will act like survey form fields.

Once you create the form, navigate to the form setting page, and you can enable the Enable Survey Reporting and Enable Polls results.

This will automatically convert all the fields into smart survey fields.

Survey Reports

The survey reports are very important to analyze the polls, survey results. WPForms allows us to see beautiful visual reports.

You will have the option to choose visual reports like charts and graphs. You can check the survey result in WPForms » All Forms, there you will get the option survey result.

Enable Survey Reports on Older Forms

You can also enable the survey reporting for older forms. However, you will have to enable the Enable Survey Reporting and Enable Polls results for any older form to get the survey reporting for it.

Real-time Polls Report

You can show the polls result to users immediately after they submit the form. You can embed your polls widgets anywhere in WordPress.

Export Individual Charts

You can share the survey result with anyone. WPForms allows us to share reports with few clicks.

You can able to share entire reports. Now WPForms added an option to share the individual charts.

Customizable Print Styles

Don’t worry if you are working on a project where you need a hard copy of survey reports. WPForms allows us to print the survey reports. You can customize your print by selecting specific questions and reports.

Powerful Survey Logic

WPForms conditional logic makes the survey forms more responsive. You can personalize the survey question based on the user’s previous answer.

WPForms added a new option in conditional logic to Randomize the order of choices in multiple choices and radio button fields.

Final Words

WPForms is the best free WordPress form plugin. However, if you are a business, I recommend you buy the premium version of WPForms.

WPForms polls and survey add-ons allow you to create highly customizable survey forms. In addition, you can check the visual reports of the survey.

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