How to delete facebook account permanently?

If you delete your Facebook account by clicking on the tab setting->Security->deactivate my account, then in this process, your account is just not visible to the other users. Please keep in mind that “Deactivation is not the deletion of account” if you deactivate your account then you can log in at any time to reactivate it, but if you want to delete it permanently then there is another process. In this tutorial, I will show you how to delete your Facebook account permanently.

Here is a link to deactivate your Facebook account permanently

When your Facebook account get deactivate permanently?

When you delete your account by using above link, then it takes two weeks(14 days) to delete it permanently before that you can reactivate it at any time by just login it. After 14 days you will get the link to delete your account permanently then only you can delete your facebook account permanently. Almost every data on the facebook like images, status, links are interconnected, so it takes up to 90 days to delete all data permanently so after deactivating some data remains for visible(in some cases this happens).

Things you should do before deletion of your Facebook account

  • Delete all your personal photos
  • Delete all your information like city, gender, family, college, etc
  • Untag yourself from the sensitive images, data, etc
  • Remove unknowns friends
  • Change the privacy setting such that you only visible your profile
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