How To Design Free Logo With Online Logo Maker?

LOGO is a unique identity for any business. People will identify the company with its logo.

If you have a blog and searching for a LOGO designing freelancer, then wait Online Logo Maker will design LOGO for free.

Designing the logo for a blog is a challenge and required designing experience. Even I have tried to create the logo for my blog, but unfortunately, due to insufficient knowledge, it didn’t happen.

For LOGO design, you should have a creative mind. Nowadays, you can create your blog logo without knowing programming/developing with Online Logo Maker.

Before starting with the design, draw a rough custom design on paper. Here I have sorted out some tips for designing a LOGO, I hope you will keep it in mind while designing a logo.

  1. Be unique, simple
  2. Don’t copy others
  3. The logo must be simple, describable, scalable.
  4. Use simple colors for designing.
  5. The logo must be describable, memorable, versatile, etc
  6. Present it neatly.
  7. Don’t be too complicated.

This is a step-by-step guide to creating a brand logo freely with the online logo maker. I have used this tool for designing my blog LOGO. So, let’s start with learning about online logo makers.

Start Designing Logo

Go to the Online Logo Maker official site.

Once you start the logo designing with the Online Logo Maker, you will see the pretty self-explanatory start page.

First, you need to add the name of your company/blog/business. You can choose the color suitable for your website theme.

You can add your custom color or choose from an existing one. There are 30-40 fonts available which you can use. Rescale your logo to fit with your blog dimensions.

Once you complete all these necessary customizations, it’s time to add the image to your logo.

Online logo maker offers you different categories of symbols which you can use in your logo. If you want to use your image, then you can upload it. Click on the upload image. Online Logo Maker offers this feature as well.

You can change the background of designing a screen, make it a grid, or be colorful (you can see two options at the top).

You can also add different types of shapes. The online logo maker offers various shapes to add to the logo.

Business Cards

One of the best free features of this tool is Business Tools. You can check out the different types of business cards for the designed logo. This tool offers various business cards.

Download Logo

Once you have done designing the logo, click on the download button you will redirect to the purchase screen. Don’t be scared it’s not paid logo designing tools like others.

Click on the download free button to download the logo free. Another option is to get more features for your logo design. Online logo maker offers the very lowest price for the premium version (Indian users only 999).

This is a one-time payment where you can create an unlimited logo for your blog with the best features.

Why premium?

The premium version of Online Logo Maker would charge you $29 for one time. It means you will be the lifetime premium user of Online Logo Maker once you pay the $29, but why would anyone want to purchase the premium. Here are the benefits you would get.

  1. To design an HD logo for your brand.
  2. You will get a transparent logo that you can use for all the images on your blog.
  3. Expert support for logo designing.

My personal experience with online logo maker is that before starting my blog, I have a searched number of logo designing sites, but all were paid. Finally, I found an online logo maker, and I designed my logo freely.

If you know other free online logo designing tools, then let our readers know.

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