How To Easily Set Up Form Conversion Tracking in Google Analytics?

Do you want to track the source of the forms to find out where the leads are coming from? 

If you have multiple forms on your website for different purposes and want to know where you are getting traffic, you are submitting your forms. Unfortunately, it is difficult to track form submission traffic using Google Analytics.

MonsterInsight will do Form Source Tracking easily. MonsterInsight is a popular WordPress plugin used for many purposes like monitoring blog traffic using Google Analytics, Scroll Depth Tracking, Author Tracking, WooCommerce sites, and many more.

This tutorial will learn how to set up the Form Source Tracking in the WordPress website using the MonsterInsight plugin.

Install MonsterInsights

The first step is to install the MonsterInsights WordPress plugin. This is a free plugin, but if you want more features, then you can buy it. You can refer to the below tutorial to connect MonsterInsights with Google Analytics.

Also, for Form Source Tracking, you are required to have a premium MonsterInsights plugin.

Once you purchased the MonsterInsights, install and activate it.

MonsterInsights supports different addons. For this tutorial, we are going to use the Forms addon.

You can install the addon by navigating Insights » Addons and install the Forms addon.

and once installed, activate the addon.

MonsterInsights will automatically track all your form stats and will show you. You can check the traffic by navigating Insights » Reports » Forms.

Now, you can configure the form source tracking in Google Analytics using MonsterInsights.

Form Source Tracking In Google Analytics

MonsterInsights will show you how your forms are performing and conversions stats from its dashboard.

If you want to know more about the source of the form which is converting more or getting more leads, we can check it from Google Analytics.

Login to Google Analytics and navigate to Behavior » Events » Top Events, and there you would see the events you are tracking. You can check for the Form event.

Next, you will see the event action, there you can see the impressions and conversions. You can click on the conversions to find out the source of the event.

After that, you will see all the forms submitted by the readers and stats corresponding to them.

Once you select the form, you will have to add the Secondary Dimensions from the dropdown and add Source / Medium.

Once you set up the secondary dimensions then you can see from where the specific forms submitted.

This will show you only the serach engine, but you can add further filters to show more in depth stats.

Now select Include » Source / Medium » Containing and then enter referral in the last field. Once you’ve entered these details, click Apply.

This filter will show you the referral traffic to your forms. In this way, you can add any filters to get accurate data.

In this way, you can track the performance of your forms and in which area they are performing well.

If you want to set up the new event tracking, you can set it up in Google Analytics using MonsterInsights. You can refer to the below article.

Final Words

MonsterInsights is a premium WordPress plugin for Google Analytics. It will give you more insight into the visitors. So if you want to know your readers better and check how they interact with your site, you go for MonsterInsights.

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